Here's the REAL Reason the GOP May Cancel Their Summer Recess

Here’s the REAL Reason the GOP May Cancel Their Summer Recess

No Work And All Play?

The GOP made headlines on Monday because they may end up scrapping their month-long August vacation.

And we all know this is a group that loves to take their time off, even while denying it to millions of hardworking Americans. So if they are considering abandoning their month-long recess, it must be for a good reason – right?

According to the Hill, the GOP congress is “alarmed” by the complete lack of progress made in legislation, despite the fact that the party controls all three branches of government.

“Alarmed by the stalemate on healthcare reform, lack of progress on tax reform and appropriations bills that are far behind schedule, Republican lawmakers across Congress are increasingly willing to consider canceling the month-long August recess.

“Senate Republican negotiators reported that they are not close to a deal on healthcare reform and that scheduling a vote by July 4, which Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has pushed, is likely unrealistic.

“That impasse has held up work on a budget resolution, which is necessary to move tax reform and the annual appropriations bills.”

Furthermore, there are only 45 days left until the end of the fiscal year on September 30.

With the GOP still completely divided over healthcare – some believe it’s just the right amount of awful, while others believe it is not awful enough – it is becoming increasingly likely that Congress will go home without any major legislative accomplishments…unless they cancel their planned, month-long recess. The idea is being pushed by Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska).

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“I think absolutely we should truncate or cancel recess. We have a huge agenda. I think we can get a lot of it done, but what we don’t have is time,” said Sullivan, adding, “We can make more time.”

But What’s The Real Reason Behind A Potential GOP Vacation Cancellation?

Of course, the idea that Congress would selflessly give up their month-long vacation “because the people’s business remains unfinished,” as Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.) says sounds noble, doesn’t it? It sounds like the sort of decision real public servants and states people would make.

But the GOP-led Congress has now had five months to enact any number of legislative feats (no matter how disastrous their ideas may be for America), and they haven’t. Not even one. Why would an extra month suddenly be the answer to accomplishing anything? Do we really believe that an extra 30 days will suddenly result in a harmonious GOP, one that can agree on not just on destroying healthcare and enacting massive tax cuts for the wealthy but on how to destroy healthcare and how many tax breaks those rich folks deserve?

Or could it be that these GOP congressmen and women are, perhaps, a little less than enthusiastic about returning home?

Take, for example, the explosion of angry town halls across the country. GOP congressmen are not facing a gentle constituency, compliant and willing to roll over quietly while their elected representatives strip them of healthcare. Instead, they are asking pointed, angry questions that their representatives struggle to answer.

And in an even darker turn in American politics, there was the recent shooting of Republican Steve Scalise, in what is almost surely a politically-motivated assassination attempt. America is angrier than it has been in recent history…and the same GOP that America is angry with is the same party that has enabled anyone to get their hands on a weapon. Surely the recent and horrific attack targeting Republicans while they played baseball has many of them more than just weary. It must be frightening, as well.

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And then there is the idea that our time beneath a Trump presidency is limited. The investigation surrounding him now encompasses him, and threatens his very presidency. It could be that Republicans in Congress are desperate to ram through as much of their hateful, harmful agenda as they possibly can before losing a president likely to sign just about anything without reading it. After all, signed legislation is nothing more than a “win,” for Trump – it matters not at all what the legislation entails. It could be that the Republican Congress simply wants to make hay while the sun shines.

The GOP is discovering that destroying America is a full-time job.

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