Wikileaks Asked Trump Jr. to Help Them Fake Impartiality

Wikileaks Asked Trump Jr. to Help Them Fake Impartiality in an ‘Unusual’ Way

Assange lied about his objectivity towards trump

Wikileaks was created in October 2006 to provide an anonymous haven for leakers and whistleblowers to post their content without risk of being exposed to the public. Its conception has been the subject of much debate regarding ethics, freedom of the press, and government transparency: on the one hand, the federal government needs to keep some things secret, but on the other a lot of morally fraudulent policies get passed without the media hearing about it until it is too late.

Assange himself, though, is a mixed bag. He has managed to create this image of a political criminal, despite fleeing from Sweden over allegations of sexual assault in August 2010, though these were unfortunately dropped in May 2017. Regardless, Assange has acquired a new controversy up his sleeve, and that is taking the part of an influential player on the geopolitical stage. Specifically, aiding Russia during the United States’s 2016 presidential election.

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There has been circumstantial evidence for this in the past. Last year, in late July 2016, Wikileaks published thousands of emails from the Democratic National Committee that unveiled corrupt practices, but conveniently avoided revealing anything controversial from the Trump Campaign (which, as we have seen from the Mueller Investigation, is very extensive). During an interview with “Real Time with Bill Maher” host Bill Maher, Assange was questioned about these accusations, to which he dodged the inquiry.

Now Assange will be unable to come up with more excuses as a new story from The Atlantic has revealed some startling facts about his own relationship with the Trump Campaign. Specifically, the Wikileaks Twitter account was secretly direct messaging Donald Trump Jr.’s  over numerous things relating to anti-Trump sentiments, Hillary Clinton, and the 2016 election, with communications lasting from late September 2016 to July 2017.

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The tweets were disclosed to The Atlantic and have since been acquired by Congress as part of Mueller’s aforementioned probe. Reading them showcases just how deep the relationship between the two went. Even though the back and forth was sporadically done over the months, there was a strong sense of collaboration between the two as Wikileaks provided hidden links in exchange for Donald Trump praising the organization on social media.

The biggest aspect to come from this was Wikileaks themselves admitting that they were doing this for pro-Trump reasons and advised Trump Jr. to have his father protest the election in the event that he lost:

“Hi Don if your father ‘loses’ we think it is much more interesting if he DOES NOT conceed [sic] and spends time CHALLENGING the media and other types of rigging that occurred–as he has implied that he might do.”

You can read the whole exchange on The Atlantic’s website, but it paints a picture that, at the very least, proves Wikileaks was not this objective institution that Assange claimed it was.

Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images

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