ACA Critic Tomi Lahren Discovered to be on ObamaCare

ACA Critic Tomi Lahren Discovered to be on ObamaCare, Internet Explodes

No piece of legislation in US history has received the level of scrutiny that the Affordable Care Act has gotten in the past ten years. An attempt to fix the broken healthcare system in the United States, the ACA, or Obamacare, was passed as a middle-ground between Democratic and Republican ideas: provide government subsidies to citizens so that they could then purchase health insurance plans from the free market. In fact, the idea was essentially taken from Bob Dole’s 1994 proposal.

Unfortunately, because it would have actually helped people, the Republican Party made it their goal to destroy the initiative despite its conservative roots. As Snopes pointed out, “the ACA was debated in three House committees and two Senate committees, and subject to hours of bipartisan debate,” thus making it an arduous process to get by. And yet, with the help of the Supreme Court, the Democrats managed to get it passed. The loss of Democratic majorities in 2010 congressional elections, however, ensured that the ACA would not progress further.

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Republicans fought the law through two main methods:  repealing the risk corridors in Obamacare, that were designed to subsidize insurance companies losses when implementing the healthcare benefits and keep premiums down for all citizens, and two, limiting the expansion of Medicaid by state governors, which resulted in higher premiums for red state citizens, and thus created an artificial incentive for them to hate President Obama’s signature piece of legislation.

And yet, the fact remains that, when successfully implemented, the ACA helped people, including right-wingers. Premiums were lowered, and people were not barred anymore due to preexisting conditions. This is evidenced by numerous town halls held by Republican congressmen in their states wherein they have been met by citizens who claim that Obamacare saved their life.

One of these people is prominent conservative Tomi Lahren, who gained fame for her collaboration with Glenn Beck on The Blaze. While speaking to Chelsea Handler at Politicon this year, Lahren admitted that she was benefiting from the Obamacare provision allowing younger people to stay on their parent’s plan, in contrast to her sharp criticisms of it just seconds before. While Handler reportedly calmed down her audience, critics on the Internet were much more free with their opinion, pointing out her blatant hypocrisy. Check out some of the best responses below:

Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Politicon

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