The Alabama Senate Race is A Horrifically Hot F**king Mess

The Alabama Senate Race is a Horrifically Hot F**king Mess

The Alabama race is getting desperate as election day looms near

Congressional elections rarely get the same coverage that their presidential counterparts receive from the media, making the 2017 Alabama Special Election all the more interesting. We ourselves have covered it extensively, and it is not just because of the horrific allegations against Roy Moore. As the passing of the disastrous Republican tax plan in the Senate in the dead of night on Saturday proved, every single Democratic member of Congress matters, because they are the only ones that can stand up to the Republican agenda that is getting passed month after month.

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Moore himself was a horrible person even before the pedophilia accusations came forward. He had been twice removed from his position as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court because of his abuse of authority among a plethora of other damning reasons, and has gone on record stating disgusting things like same-sex marriage being worse than slavery. Unfortunately, none of those aspects would have mattered to the constituency of Alabama, which has had a history of actively supporting either Republicans or blue dog Democrats.

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However, with these allegations, and their subsequent extensive media coverage, there may be enough of a chance for Democratic candidate Doug Jones to win. Jones, unlike other members of the Democratic party, has had a decent progressive history, most notably from his days as an attorney where he prosecuted the terrorists responsible for the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in the early 2000s. His public speaking record shows he is opposed to most of President Trump and the Republican Party’s initiatives, such as pulling from the Paris Climate Agreement and the aforementioned Tax Cuts and Jobs Act proposal.

With the sex abuse scandal dominating the campaign, Moore has decided the best way to downplay the claims is to simply ignore them and lay low, though that did not stop him from making one last public appearance where he attempted to strawman the allegations as a conspiracy from left, and got into a Twitter fight with comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

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As Yahoo News reports, Jones is taking advantage of this cowardice by making sharp claims, telling a group of reporters this:

“We’re on the campaign trail meeting all of you and meeting folks here as no one knows where Roy Moore is.”

In some ways, the presence of a Roy Moore candidate was inevitable in the current American political sphere. Ever since Trump took office, there has been this general idea that people accused of sexual abuse and bigoted rhetoric can get away with their crimes by simply ignoring them.

We hope Moore does indeed come out of hiding, as it would help to further associate his face with the image of an accused predator: and give Jones more opportunities to bring him down enough to win the election.

Image by Drew Angerer/Getty images

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