Bitter Pill: Gun Rampage Killer Struck Hospital Where He Used to SAVE Lives

Bitter Pill: Gun Rampage Killer Struck Hospital Where He Used to SAVE Lives

tougher gun control needed now!

Are you still on the fence regarding the whole gun control issue? Maybe this will push you to the rational side.

According to a AP report, at 2:50p.m., inside the Bronx Lebanon Hospital in New York City, a family medicine physician returned to his former place of work with a rifle under his white lab coat. Can you guess what’s next?

Body count: One victim killed (a fellow doctor, according the New York Times), six victims injured, and the shooter dead by way of a self-inflicted gunshot.

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Dr. Harry Bello was the shooter’s name and he’s just the latest mass-shooter to perform an unthinkable act of gun violence in our nation’s short history.

I’m sure that we’ll see conservative, NRA-belonging, gun-rights’ activists out in force next week making ridiculous arguments for even less restrictions on gun ownership in light of this tragedy. They’ll probably even say that if the patients were armed, they could have been the “good-guy with a gun”! Could you imagine that shootout!?

In the AP report, a Mr. Garry Trimble is quoted, whose wife works inside the hospital. She called him at 3:00pm:

She woke me up and told me there was a situation, somebody’s out there shooting people. I could hear in her voice she was shaking and about to cry.

A  Mr. Gonzalo Carazo, who was hiding inside a closet for 15 minutes until a police officer came to lead him out of the hospital, recalled to a TV reporter,

I saw one of the doctors and he had a gunshot wound to his hand. All I heard was a doctor saying, ‘Help, help!’

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Initial interview statements like these may seem chilling, but wait until the deceased victims’ family is interviewed. And how do you explain this to a related child? How to explain that, in the 18th century, a bunch of elite, rich white guys said it was fine for a citizen to own a musket in a “well regulated militia”, and that’s how the shooter was able to get the gun he used to murder your loved-one?

America has a violent past regarding gun violence. According to sociologists, there are two likely, intertwined reasons for this phenomenon. First, gun possession remained so pervasive after the Revolutionary War because settlers needed a rifle when moving their family out to the frontier for protection. Second, there were no law institutions on the frontier, and as a result, a lot of gun violence resulted from a mixture of vigilantism and vast gun possession. They argue it is still in our cultural “system”, so to say, in our artifacts like romanticized Old West gun fights, and tommy-gun firing gangsters of the 1920’s.

What America has to realize, today, is that those days are over. The romance with the times and places where gun violence was prevalent are gone. In all honesty, it’s time to grow-up. It’s time to take our medicine, even if it is a bitter pill to swallow. Gun control is a must for any modern society to function if it has every member’s well-being as a concern.

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