Clinton Plan To Turn Texas Blue Kicks Into Gear (VIDEO)

Clinton Plan To Turn Texas Blue Kicks Into Gear (VIDEO)

Texas, the latest swing state?

On Monday morning, Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook detailed out the get out the vote efforts for what they labelled “expansion states.” These are traditionally red states where the Clinton campaign feels that they can gain traction. What is surprising is that among the states expected on that list, like Arizona, Indiana, and Missouri, was a state nobody expected — Texas.

Paired with this effort, the Clinton campaign has put onto the air in the Lone Star state this new ad, hyping up the campaign’s support by the prestigious Dallas Morning News.

Focusing Downticket

The push in Texas is designed to primarily help support downticket Democrats. However, with the October polls showing the two frontrunners in a statistical dead heat for Texas. This does not mean that Clinton is a shoe in, as Nate Silver’s 538 highlights the challenge in flipping Texas.

This push will mean a lot for downticket candidates. A strong push at this stage in the game will make the difference in races across the state, even if it does not result in the state itself flipping Blue in the presidential race. The Democratic party is fielding a wide group of candidates this year, which can make the difference at the state, county and local levels.

Future of Texas is Blue

Regardless of how this election goes, the Republican party’s failure to distance itself from its anti-minority, anti-immigration past now puts their hold on state politics into the spotlight. It is no longer a matter of if Texas goes blue, but when. A strong push by Clinton this election may result in the state legislature flipping Democratic in 2018, and the state voting for a Democratic president for the first time since Jimmy Carter in 2020.

And, if Trump cannot fix the continuing scandals plaguing his campaign, who knows, we might be witnessing a complete sweep, with Clinton successfully putting Texas back to the Democratic column. And if she can manage that, then the writing is on the wall for the GOP.

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A former candidate for State Representative in Washington state, Nathaniel is a seasoned political writer who brings an analytical and informed eye to politics. He is currently promoting his newest book, “The People’s Constitution,” now available in both paperback and Kindle.