GOP Candidate Sums Up Conservatism: 'I Do Not Support a Livable Wage'

GOP Candidate Sums Up Conservatism: ‘I Do Not Support a Livable Wage’

A Livable Wage? Yup, That’s the Exact Thing a Republican Would Oppose

Another day, another Republican saying another baffling, bizarre and down-right cold-hearted thing. Where does the GOP find these people?

The Deplorable of the Day Award goes to Republican Karen Handel who, as the Huffington Post reports, is running as a candidate for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. What did she say that was so ridiculous?

“I do not support a livable wage.”

BAM! Oh ya, she said that. She totally said that. She does NOT support a livable wage.

Handel made this remark during a candidates debate on WSB-TV, Atlanta, where she squared off against Democrat Jon Ossoff.

In contrast, yes, Jon Ossoff supports a minimum wage that is a livable wage.

“Look, if somebody’s working a 40-hour workweek, they deserve the kind of standard of living that Americans expect. That’s part of the American dream, and there are too many folks having trouble making ends meet.”

Here was Handel’s rebuttal.

“This is an example of the fundamental difference between a liberal and a conservative: I do not support a livable wage. What I support is making sure that we have an economy that is robust with low taxes and less regulation.”

You heard it right from the horse’s, er, Handel’s mouth: The fundamental difference between a liberal and a conservative is that a liberal feels that workers who toil away for 40 hours a week SHOULD be able to afford to live. A conservative believes the opposite, apparently.

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The Washington Examiner says the June 20 election in Georgia has “national implications.” Will Handel win and act as a confidence booster to the Republicans and offer a sign that Americans are not completely disillusioned with Trump?  Or will Ossoff win and show that the party could pull things together for 2018? Because of the ramifications, a massive wad of money to the tune of $50 million has been spent on this election making it the most expensive House race is history.

Despite her callous, cold-hearted views and support for Trump, including backing his Trumpcare plan, as of the last poll Ossoff only leads Handel by 2 points. So, the race is tight, for some reason. Will saying that she doesn’t back a livable minimum wage hurt her? In a just and sane world, it would. But, in Trump’s America, who knows.

Feature image screenshot WSB-TV Atlanta/YouTube

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