REPORT: New Executive Order Would Deport Some Legal Immigrants, Crackdown On Welfare Use

REPORT: New Executive Order Would Deport Some Legal Immigrants, Crackdown On Welfare Use

Some Immigrants Threatened By Proposed Welfare Crackdown In Trump Executive Order

Immigrants who use welfare will face deportation if Trump signs executive order. Most immigrants are already barred from taking advantage of the country’s limited welfare programs.

Amidst nationwide uncertainly following the signing of an executive order barring immigration and travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, President Donald Trump is reportedly considering another executive action that would crack down on legally residing immigrants using the country’s welfare programs. Immigrants to the United States must already prove financial independence, and green card holders who illegally utilize programs intended for full citizens can already be deported.

The Associated Press obtained a draft of the proposed order, noting White House officials are “pondering more actions” following Friday’s Muslim ban:

But the immigration ban remained at the forefront of his first fortnight in the White House — and officials were pondering more actions moving forward. According to a draft document obtained by The Associated Press, Trump is considering an executive order that would target some immigrants for deportation if they become dependent on government assistance. The draft order calls for the identification and removal “as expeditiously as possible” of any foreigner who takes certain kinds of public welfare benefits.

AP reporters write that similar rules have already been in place for decades, adding later:

The proposed order appears to signal a Trump administration effort to crack down on such welfare cases.

Green card holders are entitled to many of the same welfare benefits as full citizens, with notable exceptions. Legally residing immigrants who forge documents or lie to meet a program’s eligibility requirements, and are subsequently found guilty of fraud, can lose their permanent residency status. Of utmost concern to immigrant families, severely flawed metrics permeate prominent studies about immigrant welfare use. In one high-profile study, fully natural U.S. citizens with immigrant spouses dragged their entire family into the “Immigrant Families on Welfare” designation if they, themselves, received public assistance.

This deliberate statistical inflation, along with the conflation of families acting within their rights to welfare “leeches”, could fuel the fact-averse administration’s enforcement of the proposed order, furthering what critics allege is a clear anti-immigrant political agenda.

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