Sessions Squirms Under Tough Questioning By Lady Senator, But SHE'S The 'Hysterical' One? (VIDEO)

Sessions Squirms Under Tough Questioning By Lady Senator, But SHE’S The ‘Hysterical’ One? (VIDEO)

Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) has more than 25 years of experience as a tough and feisty prosecutor who served as San Francisco’s first female district attorney. She also served as California’s first female attorney general. So she’s not afraid to ask the hard questions and make people squirm if necessary. And that’s what she did while questioning Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Newsweek reports.

Demon elf Jeff Sessions tried to avoid her questions

She made him squirm.

And for her trouble, at least idiot male conservative told CNN she must be suffering from “hysteria.”

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But that was after she was reprimanded by Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr. Harris was trying to ask Sessions about his interactions with President Donald Trump during Tuesday’s hearing, but apparently she asked him about this repeatedly and that’s when Burr told her to allow Sessions the chance to answer her. Specifically, she was wanting to know if Sessions ever consulted the so-called policy that he claimed gave him the right to refuse to answer her questions.

As a child growing up in Berkeley, California, Harris watched her African-American father and Indian-American mother fight for civil rights, and she carried that fight on through law school, The Washington Post reports. And those who know the freshman senator understand that she doesn’t back down.

For men in Washington, that steeliness is considered an attribute, but when Harris did this, she was slapped down, while Sessions strung the answers out for as long as he could.

But fortunately, like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) before her, Harris is persisting. And Warren is in her corner, responding after Harris had been upbraided a few days prior to Wednesday’s hearing.

Harris, for her part, tweeted her response to Sessions ridiculous non-answers:

But the conservative butthurt over Harris’s questioning of Sessions spilled over into a CNN interview Wednesday when former Trump spokesman Jason Miller opined that Harris must have been suffering from “hysteria.” It wasn’t until Miller claimed that Sessions “knocked away some of the hysteria from Kamala Harris and some of the Democrats who wanted to make this a big partisan show,” that’s when USA Today columnist Kirsten Powers, who was part of the CNN panel, jumped in.

“Can I just go back to something [Miller] said?” Powers asked. “How was Senator Harris ‘hysterical?’ I don’t really understand that. I mean, she was asking some tough questions.”

“I believe this is the second hearing in a row with completely partisan screed,” Miller said, not really answering her question.

“But how is that hysterical?” she asked again.

Miller offered up a ridiculous answer.

“It was,” he said. “From my perspective, my, I would say objective, perspective (oh come on!), I mean it was — it didn’t seem like there was any effort to try to get a real question or get to the bottom of it. She was purely out there to shout down.”

And Miller doesn’t seem to know how to quit when he isn’t ahead.

“I think she was hysterical,” Miller repeated, before attempting to discuss Harris’s male colleagues. “I don’t think Senator (Ron) Wyden was trying to get to the bottom of answers either.”

So Powers got an epic chance to put Miller in his place:

“But he wasn’t hysterical, and she was,” Powers retorted. “Okay, I just wanted to clear that up. Got it.”

This is the double-standard women face. Harris wasn’t loud or shrill when she tried to get Sessions to answer questions. She was asking the same questions her male counterparts were asking.  And this double-standard needs to die. Soon.

You can watch Kirsten Powers take Jason Miller down a notch or two in the video below.

[brid video=”146202″ player=”5260″ title=”Kirsten Powers You Can’ Call Kamala Harris ” Because it’ Sexist”]

Photo by Zach Gibson/Getty Images

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