This Grandmother Voted for Trump - Now She May Starve (VIDEO)

This Grandmother Voted for Trump – Now She’s Worried She’ll Starve (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump has released a blueprint for his proposed budget that features huge cuts to programs like Meals On  Wheels. Other programs that provide financial aid to low-income college students and help to provide clean drinking water to local communities will also be cut. But Meals On Wheels is really on the chopping block, facing steep cuts thanks to Trump, who wants to eliminate the grant program that provides funding for it.

Seniors, veterans, disabled and sick people might starve if Meals On Wheels is cut, but hey — Trump can still take vacations

Some Trump supporters who depend on Meals on Wheels are shocked over this. Even though they really shouldn’t have been, considering that he has shown blatant disregard for the poor, the elderly and the disabled. 

This hasn’t prevented Linda Preast, who voted for Trump, from being shocked that he’s gutting Meals on Wheels. She began using the program after a stroke put her in a wheelchair two years ago, CBS News reports. Like many of  her neighbors in Jones County, Georgia, Preast voted for Trump.

In an interview, correspondent Michelle Miller asked her if she was surprised.

“Yeah,” Preast said. “Because he was told — I was under the influence (interesting choice of words) that he was going to help us.”

So Miller asked her what she’d tell Trump in order to convince him not to cut Meals on Wheels.

“What if it was your Momma?” Preast responded.

But her question is likely something Trump will never be able to comprehend. Even with all of his bankruptcies, he’s been surrounded by money. He’s been able to fall back on his father, who helped him out when things got even slightly dicey.

And the fact of this matter is he intends to eliminate funding for the Community Development Block Grant Program. Through the Department of Housing and Urban Development, this program helps fund Meals On Wheels across the country According to Trump’s budget, gutting this program would save $3 billion dollars.

While Trump seems to have difficulty finding it in his heart to help people who depend on this program, which provides nearly one  million meals daily to the sick and elderly, he has found room to give $54 billion to the defense budget for the fiscal year 2018.

Meals On Wheels volunteer Sandra Bush delivers 18 meals to seniors, in Macon, Georgia. She knows how crucial this program is, and during one stop, she and Sandra Deshazer, who has arthritis that makes cooking difficult, answered a few questions for Miller.

“If you didn’t have this service?” Miller asked her.

“It would be really difficult, because people like myself, I don’t walk or drive anymore,” said Deshazer, who is also in a wheelchair.

Bush added:

“They just can’t afford to go to the grocery store and buy all the things they need,” Bush said. “They have to depend on someone else.”

Indeed, some 2.4 million seniors, veterans and disabled folks rely on this program. One-third of the program’s $1.4 billion dollar budget comes from the federal government, but Trump’s proposed budget cuts are really putting this program at risk.

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But he and his cronies don’t appear to care. It’s only Meals On Wheels helping the poor, elderly and the disabled, after all.

“We can’t spend money on programs just because they sound good… to take the money and give it to the states and say, ‘Look we want to give you money for programs that don’t work,” said White House budget director Mick Mulvaney.

“Excuse me? I see these people waiting for their food to come every day. It works,” Bush fired back.

Following the release of Trump’s cruel budget which calls for $54 billion dollars in cuts to domestic programs in order to counter a massive increase in defense spending, donations and offers to volunteer have been flowing in to Meals On Wheels. This, all while Trump’s costly vacations are adding up quickly. At $3 Million a pop, eliminating one weekend trip to Florida property Mar-a-Lago could fund the program for an entire year.

Interested in donating to Meals On Wheels or volunteering? Check this out. 

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