Watch: Fox's Hannity Gets SLAMMED by Veteran Journalist Ted Koppel as 'Bad for America'

Watch: Fox’s Hannity Gets SLAMMED by Veteran Journalist Ted Koppel as ‘Bad for America’

Veteran television journalist Ted Koppel may be 77-years-old, but he just flattened Fox News host and Donald Trump sycophant in an epic verbal throw-down. The event happened during a heated exchange on CBS Sunday Morning in which Koppel shredded Hannity, telling him his opinion-based journalism was harming the U.S.

Hannity gets his feelings hurt

There is a growing political divide in the U.S, and partisan news is driving a wedge between progressives and conservatives. During the sit-down interview, Hannity asked Koppel to “give some credit” to people’s ability to distinguish the difference between between news shows and opinion shows.

Koppel was having none of that, The Washington Post reports.

“You’re cynical,” Hannity said.

“I am cynical,” Koppel replied.

Smiling slightly, Hannity then asked: 

“Do you think we’re bad for America? You think I’m bad for America?”

Koppel instantly fired back:

“Yeah,” he said, having to talk over Hannity’s constant interruptions.

“You do?” Hannity asked.

“In the long haul, I think you and all these opinion shows —

The two went back and forth, and Hannity asked:

“Really? That’s sad, Ted. That’s sad.”

“No,” Koppel said, “you know why? Because you’re very good at what you do, and because you have attracted a significantly more influential —”


“You’re selling the American people short.”

“Let me finish the sentence,” Koppel snapped.

Now, the normally loud-mouthed Fox News host seemed contrite.

“I’m listening. With all due respect. Take the floor.”

“You have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts,” Koppel fired back.

But then he did something sneaky, waiting until Monday to whine on his radio show about Koppel’s remarks, Raw Story reports. Obviously they bruised his over-inflated ego.

“I’m an opinionated journalist and a talk show host,” he said. “But the difference, Ted respectfully, is I’m honest with my audience, you’re not. You pretend to be fair and balanced, I don’t. And if you really cared about truth in journalism how do you work for a network that’s so abusively biased with the history it has?”

I’m sure he said that with a straight face.

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Hannity attacked the veteran television journalist for continuing to work for “abusively biased ABC,” but Fox News is one of the most biased networks out there. And as Politifact notes, the network can’t even get it’s collective feces together. Meaning that at least 60 percent of the claims reported by Fox were rated Mostly False or worse as of January, 2015. Those statistics are slightly old, but whatever way you look at it, that’s not a good track record. Politifact has also ranked Hannity’s remarks, which you can see here. 

Considering the network he works for, this man has few, if any, grounds to talk about truth in journalism, as this report, by my colleague Mark Howard illustrates here. 

So this Fox shill can complain all he wants, but Koppel’s comments will continue to ring true. Too many gullible Trump supporters take every thing Hannity ever says as the complete truth.

I’m glad Ted Koppel is still in the trenches.

Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images

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