BREAKING: Protest Erupts Sessions’ Confirmation Hearing: ‘You Can’t Arrest Me! I’m White!’ (VIDEO)

Just as Sen. Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing began, Tuesday, protests erupted in the audience, interrupting the Senate Judiciary Committee and becoming quite rowdy as two protesters dressed in KKK robes shouted down President-elect Donald Trump’s selection for attorney general. Seven demonstrators were dragged away before all was said and done.

One protester dressed in Klan robes shouted:

“You can’t arrest me! I’m white!”

The debacle unfolds as “civil rights groups urge Senate Judiciary Committee members to reject Sessions’ nomination,” due to his efforts in the past to “block black judges from serving on the federal branch.” Such actions strongly suggest a lack of credibility for his standing at the helm of the Department of Justice.

Eschewing a lengthy senate tradition, Sen. Cory Booker (D – New Jersey) also plans to join Rep. John Lewis (D – Georgia), a long time civil rights icon, Tuesday, “to testify against Sessions’ appointment.”

Sessions Interrupted

Protests continued to arise throughout the entire first hour of the hearing. In the end, all were escorted away, though with a bit of tussle at times, and the hearing moved along from there as usual.

H/T: Mother Jones | Featured image via Twitter

Dylan Hock is a writer and social activist. He is published in a number of little magazines and has an essay on the muzzling of Ezra Pound included in the anthology Star Power: The Impact of Branded Celebrity. He writes for Reverb Press, U.S. Uncut and Liberal America, and has formerly written for Addicting Info, If You Only News, Bipartisan Report and Occupy Democrats. He is a board member of The James Jackson Museum of African American History and officer for the Ezra Pound Society. Follow him on Ello, Minds, and tsū.
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