Brilliant Performance By Dems At DNC Pushes Hillary Into Firm Lead In Polls (VIDEO)

Brilliant Performance By Dems At DNC Pushes Hillary Into Firm Lead In Polls (VIDEO)

The Dems And Hillary Clinton Kicked Butt At The DNC And Voters Took Notice

After the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump enjoyed a surge in the polls putting him in the lead over Hillary Clinton. The Democratic National Convention, however, has changed that.

The Telegraph reports that the doom and gloom rhetoric spewed forth by Donald Trump seemed to grab the attention of voters, somehow, and when the RNC came to a close, Trump had moved into the lead in the polls with 44 percent of approval over Hillary Clinton’s 39 percent, according to a CNN poll.

When an inarguably rocky DNC kicked off in Philadelphia last week it was a little concerning for all involved. Anti-Hillary Clinton/DNC protests and “Bernie or Bust” protesters made their voices as clear as a bell as they took to the streets and held walkouts from the convention itself. There was controversy, of course, over DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and leaked emails that showed a bias towards Hillary, and an active campaign against Bernie Sanders. She was booed and jeered, and was forced to resign. She wasn’t seen over the course of the week again. As a result, the Democrats came across as a party firmly divided.

The DNC Beat The Snot Out Of The RNC In Terms Of Quality

The same level of protest was not seen at the RNC for some reason, even though Trump is arguably the most divisive political figure in America. However, in the end, the RNC was definitely seen as the inferior of the two conventions, even with Trump’s assertions that it was, “One of the best produced, including the incredible stage & set, in the history of conventions. Great unity! Big T.V. ratings!”

Hillary Clinton had a star studded line-up of top notch, A-list speakers and entertainment on her bill and featured a diverse range of voices that, in the end, made the event shine. And, as Reverb Press reports, the DNC definitely outdid the RNC in TV ratings.

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Hillary and the rest of the Democrats obviously hit their mark with their positive message of inclusivity and hope that was the complete polar opposite of Trump’s, and a new Reuters/Ipsos poll puts Hillary in the lead with 41 percent approval over Trump’s 35 percent busting up that short surge that Trump enjoyed.

“Other” candidates received 25 percent however, which means that both candidates have a fair number of voters to try and impress before the November elections.

As far as the convention speeches themselves, Business Insider reports that a CNN/ORC “instant poll” put Hillary way out in the lead with 71 percent of those polled saying they felt “very positive” about her speech. Donald Trump, however, left only  57 percent feeling “very positive.”

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