Bruce Springsteen Just Dropped a Rockin' New Anti-Trump Anthem

Bruce Springsteen Just Dropped a Rockin’ New Anti-Trump Anthem – Listen Here!

Rock music has always been an avenue for progressive change, dating back to the counterculture and even Civil Rights Movement where you had people of various races and ethnicities coming together for one purpose: to enjoy good music. This blending of cultures brought out a diversity of artists, ranging from Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley to overseas rock bands like The Beatles and Pink Floyd.

Adding to that inestimable legacy is E Street Band and its lead singer Bruce Springsteen. Ever since releasing his debut album of Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J., Springsteen has become a cultural icon, beloved by music fans everywhere for his lyrics tackling the hardships of the working class.

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However, Springsteen’s influence has gone beyond even that large crowd. Since the 1970s, the songwriter has been involved in numerous political acts, from producing the legendary antiwar song “Born in the USA” to hosting concerts promoting human rights organizations like Amnesty International, to helping take down the Berlin Wall, to actively supporting then-unpopular measures like LGBT rights. He has always been on the right side of the issue and his ever-growing fan base reflects that.

Now, Springsteen has decided to tackle the one major person that none of his albums have ever dealt with before: President Donald J. Trump. During the general election, Springsteen made it clear that he was not a fan of the Republican nominee, calling him a “moron” during an interview with Rolling Stone’s Brian Hiatt. With Trump having done tons of damage within his first 100 days, Springsteen has decided to combat the President with a new single called “That’s What Makes Us Great.”

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As readers may be able to tell from the title, the song is a reference to the Trump Campaign’s paranoid yet successful slogan of “Make America Great Again” which pushed forward this intoxicating belief that the country was being taken over by foreigners with bad values.

“That’s What Makes Us Great,” on the other hand, deals with the effects of falling under the spell of a con artist, with Springsteen directly attacking Trump through the following lines:

“Don’t you brag to me/ That you never read a book/ I never put my faith/ In a con man and his crooks”

We encourage everyone to buy and listen to what will be remembered as another masterpiece in Springsteen’s esteemed discography.

Image by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

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