Soldiers Bomb Twitter to Blast Trump's Attack on Vet Senator

‘Chicken Hawk Piece of Trash”: Soldiers Bomb Twitter to Blast Trump’s Attack on Vet Senator

Ever since he began his bid for the presidency, Donald Trump has not had a good track record towards the military or veterans. Stretching all the way back to the 1960s, Trump received four draft deferments in order to avoid serving in the Vietnam War, going so far as to supposedly have his dad bribe a doctor into falsely claiming he had bone spurs that needed to get removed (we say “supposedly” as it has been reported that Trump was an active sports player in college despite this painful surgery).

Of course, millions of people tried to avoid the draft. But what makes Trump a particular case is his poor treatments towards current veterans. In July 2015, for example, Trump claimed that John McCain was not a war hero due to him getting captured by the Vietnamese. Later, in July 2016, soon after the DNC had ended with Khizr Khan’s scathing critique of the Republican nominee, Trump responded by attacking the family, particularly Khan’s wife despite the loss of their veteran son to Iraq. The final blow came in August 2016, when Trump gained infamy for accepting a veteran’s purple heart while proudly claiming how he always wanted one, earning scorn from numerous veterans across the nation.

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That same scorn has come back in the post-election year. Today, Trump took a break from his “vacation” to attack Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut for his support of the Russia collusion theory, calling Blumenthal a “phony Vietnam con artist” that “cried like a baby.” While Blumenthal handled the immature response quietly, numerous veterans took to blasting the President on Twitter for his pathetic Twitter storm:

It is always amazing to see true Americans stand up to a pseudo-patriot. We thank these men for their service.

Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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