Chuck Todd Calls Donald Trump Out On His 9/11 Lies

Donald Trump’s Head Explodes As NBC Host Grills His 9/11 Lies Into Oblivion (VIDEO)

Thousands of Arab-Americans cheered on 9/11? NBC’s Chuck Todd calls B.S. on that.

Remember when Donald Trump claimed he saw thousands of Arab Americans cheering on 9/11 as the airplanes crashed into the Twin Towers? NBC’s Chuck Todd’s the latest to call Trump out on his bullsh*t. On Sunday’s edition of Meet the Press, he pointed out that not a single credible person has been able to find any evidence that this happened and that his story has been debunked many times:

All right. Well, let’s back up here a minute. Let’s go to this Jersey City comment. You said you saw this. Nobody can find evidence of this. And, more importantly, the article that you tweeted out that’s backed you up, that in itself, there were three or four different reports that month in New Jersey that said it was a myth that was spread, that it was a false rumor. F.B.I., you name it. Where did you see this?

But we all know how Republicans operate: When they get called out, they’ll double down on their lies and insist they’re telling the truth. Unlike those of us who live in a fact-based world, Republicans know their supporters will swallow all of their their lies lock, stock and barrel.

“It was 14 years ago. But I saw it on television. I saw clips. And so did many other people. And many people saw it in person. I’ve had hundreds of phone calls to the Trump Organization saying, “We saw it. It was dancing in the streets.”

Despite that “great memory” Bubba Trump’s always bragging about, he can’t even remember what channel he saw it on. But he very clearly remembers that report from the Washington Post that never existed about all those Arab-American post-9/11 tailgate parties, and tells Chuck Todd:

“Now, by the way The Washington Post I tried to pull back, but the Washington Post reported tailgate parties and reports of tailgate parties. Tailgate parties means, like, for a football game where you have hundreds and hundreds, and maybe even thousands, of people having tailgate parties. I saw it at the time. I stick by it. Hundreds of people have confirmed it.”

Because in TrumpWorld, if enough people say something or tweet something, then it must be true. But Chuck Todd begged to differ.

“This didn’t happen in New Jersey. There were plenty of reports. And you’re feeding that stereotype.”

When Donald Trump repeated that it did happen and “hundreds of people agree,” Chuck Todd replied:

“But they want to agree with you, that doesn’t make it true.”

The next minute or so was devoted to Donald Trump dishing out a hastily-tossed word salad and Chuck Todd having none of it. Finally, the poor man lost his patience and snapped:

“Mr. Trump. If I said, ‘Well, people have said Mr. Trump’s net worth is $10 billion,’ you would say that was crazy. You wouldn’t make a business deal based on re-tweets and based on hearsay. You’re running for president of the United States. Your words matter. Truthfulness matters. Fact-based stuff matters.”

The Donald maintained his trademark swagger to the bitter end, but had clearly been trumped. Alas, for the rest of us, Chuck Todd’s new-found vim and vigor comes too little, too late. After decades of false equivalence and supine so-called “journalists” failing to call out right-wingers’ constant hypocrisies and lack of facts and evidence for their outrageous claims, nobody expects the truth any more.

Here’s the video from NBC’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd handing Donald Trump his @ss on a glorious platter.

H/T Politicus USA. Featured image/composite: cc 2013 Gage Skidmore (Donald Trump) ; cc 2013 Iwan Gabovitch (explosion).

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