Clever Videos Show What NC Is Missing Due To Bathroom Bills

Clever Videos Show What North Carolina Is Missing Because Of Bathroom Bills

Backlash vs. Bigotry

North Carolina’s House Bill 2 continues to face profound, and widening backlash for its clear need to discriminate and criminalize transgender citizens — all for the simple reason of being “different” — and not in line with traditional gender roles defined by the Bible in Genesis or science for that matter. For those not familiar with House Bill 2, it’s a “bathroom bill,” which essentially dictates what facilities a person can use based on the sex organ given at birth. The law prevents transgender individuals from using the bathroom of choice, as specified, to what gender they identify as.

Well, those tired of discrimination are none too happy about the blatant excuse of “states rights,” desire to issue bigotry and hate in a democratic society. Specifically, McKinneny, a Durham-based agency who launched the FlushHB2, which printed the HB2 bill on toilet paper is back to defend the rights of transgendered citizens, as reported by Ad Week. This time, they have taken their social and civil rights activism to YouTube in “Things 2 love about NC.” McKinney has created videos that highlight the outcomes of North Carolina’ HB2 bill on the state’s revenue and venture capitalism. 


In the three videos created and uploaded to YouTube, McKinney boasts about the prospects of business in North Carolina promoting employment opportunity, and financial prosperity. Within seconds, the videos prophecy of positivity — along with the promise of a bright future, success, and new life — quickly fades to black and states “This video does not exist. Because of HB2 does.”

[brid video=”36411″ player=”5260″ title=”Triple rainbow on my first day at PayPal Charlotte!”]
On the premise of the videos, McKinney CEO Brad Brinegar told Ad Week:

“We’re stirring up some interesting conversation, between the toilet paper video and the stance we’re taking.”

[brid video=”36412″ player=”5260″ title=”Epic trust fall (Deutsche Bank NC)”]
Brinegar added:

“The reaction we’ve received so far has mostly been extremely positive, because we, along with the other companies involved, are on the right side of this issue and the right side of history.”

[brid video=”36413″ player=”5260″ title=”No. 1 seed falls in first round! (Raleigh NC)”]
Unfortunately, for now, transgendered citizens face a rocky road to safety and acceptanceThey also face the threat of $500 fines and months in jail, if they are caught using the “so-called” wrong restroom. Until the issue resolves itself, McKinney is right to shine a light about HB2 intent. Religious freedom is no excuse for bigoted laws against people who don’t fit into the religiously minded mold.

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Cover Image: McKinney/Youtube (screenshots).

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