WATCH: Right Wing Radio Host Opens Trump Rally By Mocking Elizabeth Warren, Goes Full Racist

WATCH: Right Wing Radio Host Opens Trump Rally By Mocking Elizabeth Warren, Goes Full Racist

Elizabeth Warren Joins Muslims And Mexicans As The Target For Trump’s Racism

Howie Carr, the Boston-based syndicated conservative talk show host, kicked off a Donald Trump campaign rally in Bangor, Maine on Wednesday with a theme all too familiar to the Trump campaign: racism. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has become an increasingly frequent target of the Trump campaign ever since speculation that she would be Presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton’s running mate following her endorsement of Clinton at the conclusion of the primary schedule. And when you become a frequent Trump target, if there’s a racist, xenophobic or misogynist insult to be hurled, odds are you’ll find it coming at you from all directions. As CNN reported:

A conservative radio host opening for Donald Trump on Wednesday during a rally picked up on the billionaire’s criticism of Sen. Elizabeth Warren by putting his hand over his mouth and mimicking a stereotypical Native American war cry.  

Warren has faced criticism in right-wing circles dating back to her 2012 Senate Race over then-Incumbent Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) because Harvard University touted her Native-American heritage in a faculty director in the 1990s. Conservatives argue that the Senator has used her claims that she comes from Cherokee lineage to advance her career, though as The Atlantic noted in 2012, she did not use her heritage to seek any from affirmative action programs during her education:

Warren, who graduated from the University of Houston in 1970 and got her law degree from Rutgers University in 1976, did not seek to take advantage of affirmative action policies during her education, according documents obtained by the Associated Press and The Boston Globe. On the application to Rutgers Law School she was asked, “Are you interested in applying for admission under the Program for Minority Group Students?” “No,” she replied.

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Warren Is Routinely Mocked As “Pocahontas” By The Nominee

Despite the fact that a genealogist has determined that the first claim to Cherokee lineage in Warren’s family dates back to a marriage license in 1894, she has been consistently criticized for being listed as a minority in an Association of American Law Schools directory while she was a student. The 2012 attack has given way to Trump sarcastically referring to the Senator as “Pocahontas“. 

Set aside the debate over whether or not 1/32 of one’s heritage could, or should, allow the individual to claim ancestry. After all, is it not a very dangerous and slippery slope, eerily reminiscent of the Mischling Test? Even if Warren was completely disingenuous — or even lying — about her family history, the rhetoric and gesturing from Trump and his surrogates is nothing short of elementary racism. Would there not be an outcry if he referred to an opponent of Indian descent (such as Bobby Jindal or Nikki Haley) as “Gandhi”? What if he referred to a Chinese-American as “Chairman Mao”? Using a historical figure to represent an entire race or ethnicity is well beneath the standards for a third-grade playground taunt, let alone an applicant for the Oval Office.

And having bigots like Howie Carr gin up the masses with racist chanting and offensive hand-to-mouth gestures amplifies the fact that this a campaign being fueled by appealing to our lowest common denominator. Trump’s America can not prevail in November. 

Watch Howie Carr’s Despicable Racist Display:

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Featured image courtesy of CNN on YouTube.

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