Convicted Felon Rewrites History With His New Documentary 'Hillary's America' (VIDEO)

Convicted Felon Rewrites History With His New Documentary ‘Hillary’s America’ (VIDEO)

Wake Up America, Dems Want To Destroy Your Patriotic Soul

Convicted felon and conservative Dinesh D’Souza is releasing a new documentary called, “Hillary’s America,” and he’s bringing light to conservative conspiracy “truth” that “Democrats want to steal America’s soul.” Yeah, that’s right, just like with D’Souza 2012 documentary, “Obama’s America,” Jesus is calling him to arms to preach the message, “Dems, they aren’t good for the soul.” Can I get an Amen? And an, oh please. My God. How many of these propaganda movies, filled with false information and manipulation of history can this conservative messiah make?

Trump Leads The GOP Candidate Field; Yet Dems Are The Problem?

As CNN commentator, Van Jones recently learned, conservatives are superb with false equivalency and distorting the truth. For conservatives, reality and history, well it’s, circumstantial. For instance, in D’Souza’s new documentary “Hillary America,” the plot focuses on the Democratic party’s deep, degrading, and sordid history of confederacy allegiance, Jim Crow laws advocacy, and KKK affiliation. Thus, we are to conclude the Democratic party is the racist party, not only of yesteryear but today. Except, this isn’t the truth at present because Democrats no longer subscribe to racism. But what do conservatives care about truth? It’s all relative.

It’s true, the Democratic party history is steep in racism and bigotry, but so is the Republican party. It wasn’t the Democrats that created the southern strategy. It wasn’t the Democrats behind the controversial and racist “Willie Horton,” campaign commercial. And by this way, this all occurred in the latter part of the twenty-first century. And it wasn’t the Democrats that created and voted to restrict voting rights in the millennial. And it wasn’t the Democrats pressed to deny gays the right to marry — also in the millennial. Nope, all that glory of racism and bigotry belongs to the Republican party. And unlike the Democratic party whose racism and bigotry is in the past, the GOP’s exist in the present. Just Google Donald Trump and the 2016 election for reference.

But no hard feelings Dinesh D’Souza, we liberals love an entrepreneurial spirit and the free market. So please proceed with your cronyism. As you say in the trailer “All crime is about stealing,” and indeed you would know considering you’re a convicted felon for trying to steal an election with your straw donors and Hillary Clinton is not.

Watch the ridiculous “hillary’s America” trailer:

[brid video=”29742″ player=”5260″ title=””Hillary’ America” Trailer”]

Featured Image via YouTube Screen Capture

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Quiana Fulton is a political writer, and she has a bachelor in political science from American Military University. She’s not jaded by polarization but absolutely has no time for people who refuse to partake in preserving and strengthening Democracy. She’s a staunch liberal that is capable of being friends with conservatives and is always down for a good debate. She’s a pro-life Dem (and yes, they exist).