Bernie Sanders Ahead Of Hillary Clinton In New Reuters Poll

Surprising New Poll Shows Sanders Ahead By Six Points Nationwide

It’s official: America is feeling the Bern.

Despite Hillary Clinton’s narrow victory in Nevada and a larger win expected in South Carolina this Saturday, more and more Americans are feeling the Bern. A new interactive poll released by Reuters on Tuesday shows that Bernie Sanders is now the Democratic party’s official front-runner, having overtaken Hillary Clinton during the week.

The poll, which shows results gathered from 7,203 respondents over a five-day period, put Bernie Sanders in a narrow one-point lead over Hillary Clinton on Friday, February 19th. Since then, Sanders’ lead has gained momentum, and he now leads the former Secretary of State by a solid 6.2 points, 41.7 percent over Clinton’s 35.5 percent.

Reuters’ new polling data shows that the mainstream media’s rhetoric of Clinton’s win in Nevada turning the tides on Sanders’ momentum is entirely false. If anything, her win on Saturday seems to have had the opposite effect, with more democrats joining in with Bernie Sanders’ “revolution.”

A Quinnipiac University poll showed Sanders and Clinton tying nationally recently, but Reuters’ polling data tends to be a stronger indicator of where the median stands. That’s particularly good news for Sanders; a strong Reuters result means Sanders is likely doing better nationally than had been previously assumed.

Can Bernie Sanders turn his lead into votes?

The biggest question facing Bernie Sanders’ campaign today is whether or not his national lead will directly translate into votes, and whether or not they can pull off a big win on Super Tuesday, which is coming up soon on March 1st.

In order for Sanders to win, his campaign needs to mobilize his supporters and get them to vote. If they show up, Sanders will most likely defeat Clinton and go on to the general election. And if there’s one day in 2016 where they need their supporters to help, it’ll be Super Tuesday, when 13 States vote at once, 11 of which hold Democratic primaries and caucuses.

With polling data in most Super Tuesday States severely outdated, it’s difficult to gauge where each candidate is more likely to win. If trends hold up, Clinton will probably do better in traditionally red States, while Sanders will likely win traditionally blue States.

With the full weight of the mainstream media and the Democratic Party establishment firmly in Hillary’s corner, Bernie Sanders will face an uphill battle straight through the primary season, despite his growing support amongst democrats. So don’t start planning your block parties just yet, Bernie Sanders supporters… we’re still a long way out from the convention.

Editor’s note: As with all polls, the results have a lot to do with the methodology. What questions are asked? Of whom? What is the sample size? What are the demographics? All of these things and more figure into the results of any poll. In the case of the poll referenced by this article, the poll is interactive, and therefore unscientific. You could choose, as some critics have, to discount the results for that reason, or you could choose to take them seriously. No one knows for sure. But in the opinion of the author, which is not necessarily the opinion of the editors, the poll should be taken seriously. As the old news saying goes, we report, you decide.

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