Even Fox News Poll Shows Stunning Number Rejecting Trump's Anti-Immigrant Push

Even Fox News Poll Shows Stunning Number Rejecting Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Push

Fox News Poll Shows Public Abandoning Donald Trump On Undocumented Workers In Record Numbers

Many people will remember that Republican Donald Trump began his presidential run on a divisive message aimed at undocumented immigrants. In June of 2015, he announced his campaign by using fake news about Mexican immigrants to suggest most of those crossing the border were criminals.

Just one month later and in contrast to this, a Fox News poll showed that nearly a two-thirds majority of Americans agreed there should be a path to citizenship for undocumented workers in the United States. One might think that, with the rise of Trump, anti-immigrant fever might be gripping the country and growing since that time.

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A new Fox News poll, however, shows the exact opposite has happened. A record number of people polled now support a path to citizenship for undocumented workers. 83 percent of respondents agree a legalization system should be set up for those working in the U.S. without documentation, up from 64 percent just a little over two years earlier. Only 14 percent of respondents agree with the statement “deport as many as possible”, a number that has been more than cut in half during the same time frame.

The 2015 poll noted only 49 percent supported the pathway to citizenship in 2010. It’s clear the disinformation campaign by Donald Trump and his anti-immigrant associates has not only failed, but failed miserably in the eyes of the public.

Fox News notes that the idea receives significantly large majorities regardless of party affiliation.

Setting up a system to legalize undocumented immigrants working in the U.S. also receives bipartisan support: most Democrats (95 percent legalize vs. 4 percent deport), Republicans (69-28 percent) and independents (82-13 percent) want legalization to happen.

Another problem in this poll for the Donald Trump administration and its agenda, is the fact 10 percent more people want action for DACA recipients rather than tax reform. And it’s becoming clear tax reform will not be an easy sell as more information about the reforms come to light.

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Fact checkers are shredding the Trump argument that the wealthy do not benefit mightily under the proposal. And a stunning new analysis by the New York Times showed Trump and his family could stand to gain well over $1 billion under the suggested changes. Most notably, Trump’s family would gain roughly $1.1 billion just with the repeal of the Estate Tax, a measure that only affects 0.2 percent of Americans.

It’s clear that Republican Donald Trump will not be dumping his divisive rhetoric toward undocumented workers anytime soon. But, according to the undeniable trend in the poll numbers, it’s also clear the public isn’t buying it and is rejecting it more and more as time goes on.

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images.

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