Latest Round of Polling is Bad News for Trump, Paul Ryan—Good News for Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden

Latest Round of Polling is Bad News for Trump, Paul Ryan—Good News for Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden

PPP: Trump, Ryan Losing Battle To Control Healthcare Narrative

The latest round of polling also contained some good news for former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders.

The latest round of Public Policy Polling is bad news for President Trump, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and Congress as a whole.

Let’s begin with the Affordable Care Act, which House Republicans tried and failed to repeal. With a 52 percent approval rating, it’s now more popular than it has ever been. At the same time, Congress has only an 11 percent approval rating, while some 68 percent of Americans disapprove of the job they’re doing.

Paul Ryan’s approval rating, meanwhile, took a twelve point nose dive—from 33 percent at the beginning of the Trump administration to just 21 percent.

Polling shows the Obamacare debacle hurt Republicans deeply, and it looks like the President’s tactic of blaming Democrats simply isn’t working. Only 31 percent of Americans polled believe Democrats are to blame for the repeal’s failure, while some 52 percent blame republicans.

“The main thing that this month’s health care fight in Washington did was make Obamacare more popular than it’s ever been before,” says Dean Debnam,
President of Public Policy Polling, in their official report.

“There’s little appetite from voters to repeal it at this point.”

The issue of Russian meddling in the 2016 election continues to deeply polarize voters. Though few seem to question whether or not it happened, there’s a near-even split on the issue of collusion. 44 percent of Americans believe Donald Trump’s team had a hand in the election interference, while 42 percent believe there was no collusion. A majority, 62 percent, want an independent investigation into the matter.

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Finally, pollsters looked at some hypothetical match-ups for Trump in the 2020 election. PPP found that Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders would defeat Trump by the largest margin, while Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken, and Cory Booker all have solid leads despite being less well-known.

Sanders and Biden, by the way, are two of the most popular political figures in the country.

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