America Feeling The Bern? National Poll Shows Sanders And Clinton In Dead Heat

America Feeling The Bern? National Poll Shows Sanders And Clinton In Dead Heat

You know those people who kept telling you that Hillary Clinton’s near-miss in Iowa and Bernie Sanders’ monumental victory in New Hampshire don’t matter? That neither would hurt Hillary’s momentum nor bolster Bernie Sanders’ campaign in any way? How Bernie Sanders could never in his wildest dreams overcome Clinton’s 21-point national poll spread at the start of this month? Yeah… about that…

Sanders, Clinton Now Statistically Tied In Latest National Poll

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows that Bernie Sanders didn’t merely pick up steam following his performances in Iowa and New Hampshire, but rather closed that huge gap nationwide. Now Bernie is sitting comfortably within the margin of error, while Hillary’s teeth chatter like a Looney Tunes character who just saw a ghost.

The poll shows Clinton holding a slight national edge over Sanders, 44 to 42. But what’s the margin of error, you ask? For this poll, it’s plus or minus 2.7 percent. That means Bernie Sanders has managed to pull into a statistical dead heat with the former Secretary of State.

The poll also shows that Clinton has almost entirely lost her national advantage with women, too; she now only leads 47 percent to Sanders’ 41. And Sanders is closing the gap further with each passing poll.

Right now, Bernie Sanders has a serious ally in the race for the White House: momentum. And he has, quite literally all of it. Hillary will most likely win in South Carolina, but if Sanders can close that margin beyond what polls tells us to expect, and if he can pull out a win in Nevada, Clinton’s chances of winning the primary will— to some numbers-geeks like myself—shift from questionable to all-out unlikely, especially with Sanders dominating Clinton in traditionally blue States.

Can Sanders Surge Past Clinton In The Next Big National Poll?

The Sanders campaign is most likely looking past Nevada and South Carolina towards Super Tuesday, which is less than two weeks away. Should Sanders manage to hold the fort in South Carolina and pull off a win in Nevada, his performance on Super Tuesday could be strong enough to strike a crippling blow to the Clinton campaign.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s team is probably hoping South Carolina can do for them what New Hampshire did for Bernie Sanders. Couple that with even a minor win in Nevada, and Clinton could theoretically stop Sanders’ momentum, though taking it for herself is impossible short of massive and unlikely Super Tuesday wins in deep blue States.

Bernie Sanders’ monumental rise in the past three months has been shocking, especially given that most Americans had never heard his name one year ago today. I know Hillary Clinton’s supporters absolutely hate it when someone says this, and I’m sorry for bringing it up, but it’s true. Right now, it’s 2008 all over again for Hillary. Can she turn all that around? I guess we’ll find out this Saturday.

Photo by Michael Vadon

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