REPORT: Donald Trump Damaging U.S. Position on World Stage, Say Majority of Voters

REPORT: Donald Trump Damaging U.S. Position on World Stage, Say Majority of Voters

Poll demonstrates voter’s concern over U.S. global role

A recent poll conducted by McClarthy-Marist indicates a growing concern among voters for the United States’ position in the global arena. Between March 22nd and the 27th, 1,062 randomly selected voters were questioned on their opinion of President Donald Trump’s international work so far. Despite the fact that not even three months have passed, half of the nation’s voters believe Trump has greatly weakened and damaged the U.S. role in the international stage.

“Fifty-five percent of voters think Trump has weakened the U.S.’s role, which is an increase from 52 percent in February. Not surprisingly, that includes 83 percent of Democrats but it also includes 59 percent of independents and 17 percent of Republicans as well as 12 percent of those who call themselves Trump supporters. Thirty-six percent think he has made the U.S. stronger. Nine percent were unsure.”

In just the past few months, Trump has had contact with several world leaders yet every encounter has been clouded by an awkward and embarrassing incident: the not-so-friendly phone call with Australia’s Prime Minister over refugees, the horrible handshake with Japanese Prime Minister Shinto Abe, the cancelled meeting between Trump and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, or the self-ridicule in from of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. These adds to his two efforts to establish a travel-ban on immigrants from six Muslim-majority countries; move that has caused outrage inside the country as well as abroad. He has expressed admiration to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, recognition of Crimea as Russian territory and suggestion of lifting sanctions against Russia; while he has also criticized NATO members and threatened other U.S. allies. As Andrew Nelson, a radio news anchor from Atlanta said:

“The first words that come to mind are bull—- or silly. The president has been creating conflicts in a lot of places, which are distracting from other things going on in the administration.”

Trump’s attitude and behavior has been justified with his idea of “America first” and his promise to ensure the safety the U.S. and its people. However, according to the results of the poll 33% of the voters believe America is now more vulnerable to terror attacks, compared to only 9% who think the country is safer. Among the 33% who feel less safe, 56% are Democrats, 30% independents, 5% Republicans and 4% Trump supporters. The President’s rhetoric and actions are believed by many to put the country in danger instead of strengthening its position. As Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion explained:

“There is a fine line between showing strength and being confrontational in international matters and President Trump is still trying to find that line.”

World leaders and especially U.S. allies have long expressed their concern over Trump’s new foreign policy, even during the presidential campaign of 2016. The same concern is slowly growing among American citizens. With some luck, this will reach the White House before it is too late: the country’s strength and power comes in a great deal from its international role.


Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images News

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From Mexico City, Carolina has lived in five different countries, experiences she defines as the most enriching. She has focused her studies and work on international conflicts and international security issues, diplomacy and protocol. Carolina holds two MA degrees and hopes to begin her PhD studies soon.