Trump Disapproval Rating Soars to Record High

Trump Disapproval Rating Soars to Record High

If Donald Trump was a reality show, he’d be canceled due to low ratings. As president, his disapproval rating hit a record high on Tuesday, Gallup’s daily tracking poll reported. But unfortunately, he’s still here.

His disapproval rating is breaking records

In fact, his disapproval rating hit a record high of 60 percent, the highest it’s been so far. And at the opposite end sulked his approval rating, a piddly 36 percent — the second lowest of his presidency.

When the ratings were combined, Trump’s net approval rating of minus -24 tied for the worst mark of his scant few months as president, Business Insider notes. He first hit that mark in March, when his approval rating was at the record low of 35 percent.

Prior to this, George W. Bush earned a 60 percent disapproval rating, but it took him 1,290 days to do so. Gallup has been monitoring disapproval ratings for every president since Harry S. Truman. And notes that Trump is the first president to hit a 60 percent disapproval rating within the first four-and-one-half months of his presidency.

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And at this point in their presidencies, Barack Obama and George W. Bush had disapproval ratings of 31 percent and 35 percent respectively. Not only that, but Obama, during his two terms in office, never hit a 60 percent disapproval rating. George W. Bush didn’t hit that number until 2006, when he was at the half-way mark in his presidency.

The poll’s margin of error sits at plus or minus three percentage points. It’s based on interviews with roughly 1500 adults.

The ratings show what most of us already know: Trump is an awful president. And we’re still stuck with him. Unfortunately. So how high will his disapproval rating fly? If he isn’t impeached, we have years to find out.

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