Trump's Odds Of Winning GOP Nomination Freefall After Iowa Showing

Trump’s Odds Of Winning GOP Nomination Freefall After Iowa Showing

There has been a notable shift in Team Trump

Oddsmakers are jumping off the Trump Train after a poor showing in the Iowa caucus Monday night. Betting odds that Trump would take the nomination fell by nearly half after last night’s showing.

Now, Iowa isn’t the end all be all of the election, BUT, for a candidate whose entire brand is built around winning, the loss was a huge smack in the face for the egotistical hot-headed billionaire and his abysmally dumb supporters. And once his loss was announced, and Ted Cruz took more votes than any candidate in Iowa caucus history, it shows us what pundits everywhere have known for months — polls don’t equal votes.

Betfair, which is based in the UK because the US doesn’t allow gambling on presidential elections, shows that Trump’s odds were hovering around 50 percent, until last night when they plummeted to just 25 percent. Marco Rubio’s odds skyrocketed to over 50 percent, despite his third place showing in the caucus (though he was only 1 percent behind Trump). Luckily for us all, the UK doesn’t have much faith in Ted Cruz either, his win barely registered a blip rising from 10 percent to just 15 percent even though he was crowned the winner of the GOP’s first caucus of the season.

Odds, Trump

On the Democratic side, odds didn’t change much — Clinton was already the favorite. She’s also the favorite pick to become the next President, Bernie Sanders is in 4th place, Donald Trump is still in 2nd place, with Marco Rubio in 3rd. Those odds are bound to fluctuate as more primaries and caucuses take place, but you can generally see –polls aside — what the candidates’ current chances are.

As for the Trump Train, there has been a notable shift in attitude since last night. The King of Twitter didn’t make a peep, or should I say a Tweet? Donald Trump went radio silent last night. Perhaps his campaign manager took his phone away.

This perfect tweet probably gives us the best idea of what happened behind the scenes:

This morning, Trump finally decided to rage against, not himself, not skipping his last debate, not the arrogant belief he had Iowa in the bag, but the media for not covering his longshot campaign’s victory of second place. Longshot? Victory? We knew it was a longshot, but Trump has been the GOP frontrunner by a mile ever since he announced his candidacy. Puh-lease, he crowned himself a winner and has dissed every candidate for being a “loser.” That kind of display deserves the coverage it’s getting. The American people are due their schadenfreude.

He also took the time to graciously congratulate Ted Cruz on his win.

That’s loser talk, Trump.

And may the odds ever be in your favor.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

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