Emboldened Democrats Set Sights on Huge GOP Seat After Tuesday's Anti-Trump Trouncing

Emboldened Democrats Set Sights on Huge GOP Seat After Tuesday’s Anti-Trump Trouncing

Paul Ryan’s seat allegedly a priority for Democrats in 2018 as hopes for a “blue wave” takeover of the House are emboldened

The rash of electoral victories Tuesday night has Democrats expanding their vision for a 2018 wave election that can recapture the House of Representatives. Overwhelming wins in Virginia and New Jersey, widely considered to be a rejection of President Donald Trump’s persona and policies, have the minority party thinking that the return of Speaker Nancy Pelosi is more plausible than previously believed. According to Washington Post columnist Greg Sargent, the 2017 vote has altered and expanded the  Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s 2018 outlook, and one prominent name stands out above all:

House Democratic strategists, convinced that Tuesday’s results represent a massive voter uprising against Trumpism that will continue through next year, are adding nearly a dozen new GOP districts to their list of 2018 takeover targets, in an effort to expand the map to keep pace with the rapid deterioration of the GOP’s political fortunes.

One of those targets, I’m told: House Speaker Paul Ryan.

A Wisconsin ironworker, Randy Bryce, has already signaled his intention to seek Ryan’s seat next November. His debut campaign advertisement went viral in June, earning him over 150,000 followers on Twitter:

Ryan Defeat Would Be Historic

As the sitting Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan appears to be almost bulletproof. The last Speaker to lose reelection was Tom Foley (R-MA) during the GOP “Contract with America” wave of 1994. While to many of us, 1994 doesn’t seem that long ago, if you’re looking for a dethroned Speaker prior to Foley, you’ll have to go all the way back to 1862 when Galusha Aaron Grow (R-PA) was defeated in the midst of the Civil War.

The defeats of both Foley and Grow share another similarity: they were “wave” elections, where the party in power lost 20% of their seats, and control of the House. If 2018 haunts Donald Trump the way midterms often do to the sitting president, it could potentially spell doom for the congressional career of Paul Ryan — which would be a devastating fall for grace for the one time Republican Vice Presidential nominee.

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