Dick Cheney Trolled By White House Over His Frequently Wrong Opinions

Dick Cheney Trolled By White House Over His Frequently Wrong Opinions

Should you ever be remotely tempted to consider anything former Vice President Dick Cheney has to say “good advice”, please watch and then re-watch the above video as many times as necessary to cleanse your brain. The video clip (which is quickly going viral) is brought to us courtesy of the official White House YouTube channel. The “Vice President Dick Cheney: Wrong Then, Wrong Now” video is a not-so-pleasant reminder that Dick Cheney has a tendency to be very wrong on very important issues.

Of course, calling Dick “wrong” is just a polite way of saying, “He’s such a damn liar, it’s amazing his pants don’t just burst into flames whenever he starts talking.”

Previously, the subject about which Cheney was utterly wrong was the Iraq War. Right now, it’s the Iran Deal. Dick Cheney decided — for reasons I’m still struggling to determine — that the American people desperately need his opinion on the matter. Cheney sat for a FOX News interview on September 2, during which he was asked why Americans should listen to what he has to say about Iran after his statements on Iraq. An excellent question, to which Dick Cheney gave this unbelievable reply:

“I was right about Iraq.”

How else can we counter this hilariously incorrect statement except with an impromptu trip down memory lane? The Youtube video exposes the ridiculousness of Cheney’s Iraq claims with some pretty effective clips and quotes. We get to see how Dick Cheney was wrong about:

  • The existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq
  • The length, cost, and amount of casualties associated with the war in Iraq
  • How Americans would be viewed upon invading Iraq (Dick Cheney: “We will be greeted as liberators.”)
  • How the next and most logical course of action for America in response to Iran was another war.

It’s amazing that Dick thinks there’s a sane person alive who would willingly accept his word on any given subject. Frankly, I wouldn’t trust the man to help me choose flavors at Baskin Robbins. The good news is that video might mean that when GOP hypocrites try to spread lies on camera, the White House is now prepared to take them to task using various forms of social media.

With the 2016 elections coming up, this might mean we’re in for exciting times.

Featured image via YouTube

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Toni Matthews is a writer who often blends unapologetic bluntness with playful humor. If you are willfully ignorant of matters that affect disenfranchised citizens while often declaring yourself a good and proud American, she WILL hurt your feelings.