A Major Trump Ally Just Completely Exposed Fox News for What it Really Is

A Major Trump Ally Just Completely Exposed Fox News for What it Really Is

Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy Rips Fox News Uncritical Coverage Of Donald Trump

It pretty much goes without saying that Fox News realized long ago the key viewer they want to please is none other than Republican Donald Trump. He often Tweets about whatever they show in the mornings, and is more than willing to show up for their typically softball interviews. And considering their primetime lineup changes recently, the network has essentially turned itself into what many have described as “state media”.

The uncritical coverage across most of Fox News has even caught the attention of supporters of Donald Trump. In a POLITICO article highlighting the coverage, Trump ally and Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy voiced his astonishment of the network’s unabashed support of the president. Ruddy, who is running a conservative competitor to Fox News with Newmax TV, told POLITICO:

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…even he has been taken aback by Fox hosts’ unwillingness to criticize the president. If Fox has shifted to protect itself on the right, Ruddy believes there’s now an opening for a conservative outlet that feels less reflexively defensive of Trump.

“Newsmax is very supportive of the president, but we also will publish things that are critical of him time to time,” Ruddy said. “Fox seems to have decided to become very closely aligned, which seems unnatural, and it doesn’t seem consistent.

“It’s just bizarre and I think they lose their credibility as a news organization,” he continued.

And Trump has clearly rewarded the network for turning many of its shows into propaganda arms of the White House. POLITICO notes the Republican has done “19 interviews [with] Fox News or Fox Business Channel, compared with just two for NBC and MSNBC, one for ABC News, one for CBS News and zero for CNN” since becoming president.

The support also extends to the advertising shown on the network. Fox News recently pulled a commercial from the air critical of the president after viewer complaints. Billionaire Tom Steyer bought airtime on the network for his “Need to Impeach” petition, but the ad was eventually removed. The petition picked up more than one million signatures in under ten days after its launch.

Recent reports have noted even employees inside Fox News have become embarrassed at the network’s coverage of negative news about Donald Trump, such as the recent indictments and guilty plea of Trump campaign members.

It’s clear the many failures of the Trump administration have gotten through to some of his voters, probably even enough to have cost him the last election by a lot. But the media filter bubble will clearly continue with much of Fox News. Even the president’s supporters are starting to finally recognize that.

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And regardless of how much people may want to believe propaganda doesn’t work, it does. One just needs to look at how public beliefs about Iraqi involvement in 9/11 changed in the lead up to the 2003 invasion to see that.

It would appear this is exactly where Fox News is planting itself in relation to the Donald Trump administration. And if you don’t believe that, just ask his supporters like Chris Ruddy.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images.

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