That Time Donald Trump's Grandfather Groveled in Vain to Avoid Deportation

That Time Donald Trump’s Grandfather Groveled in Vain to Avoid Deportation

Trump’s enmity toward immigrants represents a new, and rather nasty, addition to the Trump genetic stew.

Donald Trump’s grandfather begged not to be deported

Donald Trump’s grandfather, Friedrich Trump, penned an effusive missive addressed to the prince regent of Bavaria. Grandpa Trump apparently neglected to complete his mandatory military service and failed to report his initial emigration to the United States twenty years earlier. A bit of an “oops” on the part of elder. In full disclosure, dear reader, this writer is certain that tiny details like emigrating to a new country, or the base cowardice inherently required to dodge military service embody the sort of trivial matters one could dismiss every day. Dear old grandpa simply “forgot”.

Friedrich’s letter to the prince regent drips with the salty tears of his craven attempt to remain in Bavaria. He outlines his successes in the United States, detailing how he became a rich man. He grovels before the prince, pleading with great pathos, stating,

“This is very, very hard for a family. What will our fellow citizens think if honest subjects are faced with such a decree–not to mention the great material losses it would incur”.

Oh, the bitter irony. Friedrich’s grandson, the fruit of his loins, the bearer of the Trump name and legacy, wages an unprecedented campaign of hate and bigotry directed at immigrants in the United States. Trump’s spokesman, Stephen Miller, dismisses the inscription on the base of The Statue of Liberty as an afterthought, revisionist poetry. Trump’s brutal rhetoric depicts immigrants as rapists and murderers, inflaming the hatred lying within white supremacists and bigots across the nation. Yet Trump’s own grandfather was an emigrant, cast upon the shores of the United States at the tender age of sixteen, seeking his fortune. Upon his return to his home country, he finds himself an expatriate, an undesirable in his homeland. Facing deportation, he throws himself upon the cold mercies of the prince regent. Trump’s effusive pleas fell upon deaf ears; elder Trump found himself summarily deported. He returned to New York.

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Along comes Donald, bearing the standard of hate in the twenty-first century. Hypocrisy snuggles closely to Trump, basking in the shadows of his vile rhetoric. The immigration rules which he has put in place would have barred his grandfather from entry into the United States. His grandfather, in his vain attempt to avoid deportation, invoked the specter of his suffering family and the loss of economic boon to Bavaria. His grandson, Donald, feels no compassion or empathy for the families being torn asunder by his tyrannical demands. Donald feels no compunction as he slanders all emigrants, overlooking the economic necessities of immigration to the United States. The pathos and depths of emotion poured upon the page by Donald’s grandfather fails to resonate within Donald himself; he remains a stoic, cold void incapable of understanding human suffering. Donald’s compassion extends no farther than himself; the lessons of history elude him. He bemoans the loss of Confederate statues, mourning the “beauty” being removed from our public venues, yet remains blind to the history coursing through his own veins.

There will be no spiritual awakening in Donald Trump

There will be no spiritual awakening in Donald Trump; he will remain a craven narcissist. The echoes of the past; howls of pain from Auschwitz, cries of sorrow as families are torn apart, the bitter tears of the marginalized and down-trodden will fall upon ears more uncaring than those of the prince regent Donald’s grandfather petitioned. A man who can dismiss the tale of his own blood reveals the abyss that is his soul. Do not stare too long into that frozen abyss, dear readers. Madness awaits.

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Hannah Hochstetler is currently chasing a degree in Creative Writing and Philosophy. She has had work published in the literary magazines, “Meat for Tea: The Valley Review”, “The Carillon”, and “Exposed”. Hannah is a passionate progressive, trapped in the middle of a red state!