Donald Trump Just Brought A Whole New Meaning To Being A 1%er

Donald Trump Just Brought A Whole New Meaning To Being A 1%er

SURPRISE! Donald Trump Rejected By 99% Of Black Voters

Former reality TV star and Republican nominee Donald Trump has the support of one percent of black voters, according to a newly released Quinnipac Poll.

Quick — someone explain to Donald Trump that he’s polling at one percent, not that he’s number one.  These polls tend to confuse him, but surely even his short, stubby little fingers can count that high.

Frankly, it’s shocking that he garnered even that much support within the African American community.  Trump is the man, after all, who identified the one single black person in a crowd at his rally recently and, with no sense of shame at all, claimed the man as his own private property by referring to him as “my African American.”

It’s like no one has ever taught Trump that black people have a historical reason to feel uncomfortable being claimed as personal property by rich white guys.

To give Trump his due — which really isn’t much, but for the sake of context — Republican nominees do not traditionally receive the majority of support from the African American voting bloc.  Mitt Romney managed to eke out a scant 6 percent from the African American community (while running against the first African American president), while John McCain took four percent (again, while running against the first African American nominee), while George W. Bush, who was blessed with fingers of normal length, managed a Republican coup by breaking into double digits within the African American voting bloc with 11 percent.

Trump barely manages to register on the poll even when not running against an incredibly popular and historically significant African American nominee.

Their Numbers Are Few, But They Exist

So, who are these people who make up that slender — but verifiable and present — one percent?

“You’re not going to find a lot of black people who openly support Donald Trump,” Trump supporter Pastor Mark Burns, an African-American preacher from South Carolina, told the New York Daily News.  “If they openly supported Donald Trump, they’d get viciously attacked within their own community.”

In comparison, former Secretary of State and eminently qualified presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who has never once referred to a black person as her own private property, is backed by a stunning majority of 91 percent of black voters.

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Unsurprisingly, Clinton also soundly defeats her thin-skinned, xenophobic Republican counterpart with Hispanic voters, as well, by winning 50-33 percent.

The new poll shows Trump with the support of 47 percent of white voters over Clinton’s 30 percent.  But no worries — they have until November to change their minds and if anyone can find a way to insult an entire segment of the population, it’s Donald Trump.

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