BREAKING: Trump Campaign In Free Fall As Clinton Now Polling Better On Economy

BREAKING: Trump Campaign In Free Fall As Clinton Now Polling Better On Economy

Clinton Takes Lead In Economy Issues

Even with struggling poll numbers elsewhere, Donald Trump always led Hillary Clinton in one area — the economy.

For many of us, this was mind-blowing. Even if the American economy could be ran the same way a business could, Donald Trump is a total business failure. I mean, if we’re going to have a businessman lead, then at least let’s have a successful one, right? But still, Trump somehow made more Americans feel like the nation’s economic reigns would be held better in his tiny little hands, rather than Hillary’s capable ones.

Even as recently as mid-July, voters still chose Trump over Clinton by a fairly wide margin – 54 percent to 43 percent.

But as Trump continues to flesh out his own disastrous plan, people are beginning to remember just why it is that Republicans are so very bad at math and so very good at wrecking the economy. (That’s just history, folks.)

And now that Hillary Clinton has put forth a “family first” economic vision that contrasts sharply to Trump’s rehashed Bush plan of removing regulations and slashing taxes for the wealthy (remember how well that worked for Bush?), she’s beginning to rise in her own right.

Clinton Puts ‘Family First’ In New Economic Vision

In the most recent polls, Clinton now has an edge when it comes to the economy question, at 50 percent to 48 percent.

The edge is slight, but it’s a marked turnaround from the last poll conducted. And as Trump continues to crash and burn, unable to answer questions about the gaping holes in his own economic plan except that “it’ll be great!!” those polls will only increase in Clinton’s favor.

Clinton, for example, wants to raise taxes on those making more than $1 million a year. Because — news flash, people — those are the families who can afford it. What so many Republicans don’t seem to grasp is that when taxes are slashed on the wealthiest, those who can’t afford to pay for those tax cuts are often the very ones who end up footing the bill. It may come due under the guise of cuts to food stamps and other programs, but, in the end, someone has to pay.

The ‘Virtuous Cycle’ Of Economics

Clinton will inject that increased revenue back into the economy with increased infrastructure spending. It’s a win-win there, guys. We need roads and bridges, as these are crumbing beneath our feet. And this will create much needed, good-paying jobs, which will enable more people to purchase more goods, which will lead to an increased demand in other areas. And it will widen the tax base and create more revenue which can be injected into more programs. This is called the “virtuous cycle” of economics, and it’s a known fact that wealth is created outward, not from trickling down.

Clinton also has ambitious, but pragmatic, plans for education, including universal preschool and debt-free college.

In comparison, Trump’s own plan simply does not add up. And the polls are finally reflecting the fact that voters are beginning to realize that a failed businessman with a bad temperament, multiple bankruptcies, an absolute aversion to the truth, and awful hair may not be the best choice to lead the country.

Trump Trainwreck Campaign Continues To Derail

In response to plummeting polls, the Trump campaign has responded by continuing to attack a Gold Star family as a former staffer files suit against the campaign for because another staffer pulled a loaded gun on him, as well as calling the sitting president the founder of ISIS and admitting that he thinks he may actually be hell-bound.

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So, you know. Just normal Trump behavior.

It shouldn’t be surprising that Clinton is polling ahead of Trump. What should be surprising is that support for Trump even exists in the first place.

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