Watch Paul Ryan Say The Most Idiotic, Sexist, Inherently Racist & Snobbish Thing Ever

Watch Paul Ryan Say The Most Idiotic, Sexist, Inherently Racist & Snobbish Thing Ever

Paul Ryan Suggests Women Need To Have More Babies To Save Social Programs

Republican Paul Ryan has been working hard to sell the massively unpopular GOP tax bill to the American people and, considering the polling, his salesmanship is poor, unlike the people this bill would actually help.

The Speaker of the House held a brief presser today and answered a few questions regarding the ongoing and hurried process. During the session, Ryan suggested women were not doing what was necessary to actually save popular programs like Social Security and Medicare.

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In a clip flagged by Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo, Ryan stated the United States needs more babies to keep the machine of growing economic inequality moving right along. He stated:

People. This is going to be the new economic challenge for America. People. Baby boomers are retiring. I did my part, but, we need to have higher birth rates in this country, meaning, baby boomers are retiring and we have fewer people following them in the work force. We have something like a 90 percent increase in the retirement population in America, but only a 19 percent increase in the working population in America. So what do we have to do? Be smarter, more efficient, more technology? Still going to need more people.

In other words, shoring up our popular social safety net programs cannot be done reasonably. We just don’t have the money.

Of course, according to Republicans and Ryan right now, we have money to pass a massive corporate tax cut at a time when corporations are doing just fine. And we can cut taxes for the highest earners even more at a time of enormous economic inequality, the likes of which we have not seen since the 1920s.

Ryan was also asked during the appearance about the bill’s unpopularity (beginning here). Ryan basically suggests it’s unpopular, not because it’s a bad bill, but because the public is confused about what’s in it. In other words, the only reason you don’t like it is because you aren’t smart enough to understand it.

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He also emphasizes the bill will lead to higher wages through massive tax cuts to corporations. This was embarrassingly disputed by CEOs themselves during an appearance last month by Donald Trump’s Director of the National Economic Council.

When essentially asked if they would raise wages after this tax cut, the CEOs were seemingly a little too busy counting their money to respond.

And it shouldn’t be ouverlooked that the logic of Paul Ryan completely ignores the reality that there are workers already available to the United States. Ones that are currently dumping billions into the coffers of our Social Security fund.

But Ryan can’t go there. He’s made his “deal with the devil” in Donald Trump and this administration is busy carrying out its nationalistic targeting of anyone who dared to be born outside U.S. borders. While the country was focused on the special election in Alabama, new Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen announced ICE agents would “no longer look the other way” when it comes to any undocumented person, criminal record or not.

But studies have shown the United States is doing just fine churning out workers, as long as you include new arrivals from outside the country. So, in other words, we’re okay as long as you are willing to accept people that may not look like you or have yet to master the language you just so happen to be born into.

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But this clearly doesn’t matter to Republicans like Paul Ryan. He wants women to churn out more babies than they are right now and, if they decide not to, it’s bye-bye Social Security, Medicare, etc. Also known as Ryan’s long-held wet dream.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images.

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