Robert Reich Schools Trump Surrogate on Jobs Numbers: Trump Gets No Credit For This (VIDEO)

Robert Reich Schools Trump Surrogate on Jobs Numbers: Trump Gets No Credit For This (VIDEO)

Robert Reich Schools Trump’s Economic Adviser On Economics

Robert Reich took a Trump surrogate to school over the current jobs report. And in the end, it seems clear that President Donald Trump deserves no credit for what Robert Reich says is simply a continuation of the successful Obama recovery.

In other words, when it comes to the current jobs report, which showed decent gains in employment, America should once again simply say, “Thanks, Obama.”

Robert Reich met with Trump’s campaign economic adviser Stephen Moore for a spirited discussion over the jobs numbers. Moore was asked about Trump’s sudden departure from his long-held, and loudly repeated, belief that the numbers released monthly from the Bureau of Labor Statistics were a fraud. That is, of course, until Trump himself took office. Now, suddenly, those numbers are true.

Don’t Take Trump Literally…Or Seriously

And, once again, viewers were reminded by the Trump surrogate that nothing Trump says should be taken “literally.” That line of defense is tiring and simply doesn’t make sense. Yet time and again Trump supporters utilize it in order to defend their leader in his continual lies.

Robert Reich, however, agreed, with a cynic’s laugh. Yes, don’t take Trump literally – not then, and not now, Reich said. In fact, don’t take him literally and certainly don’t take him seriously. Ever.

Reich then made it clear why he is such a gifted professor, schooling Trump’s own economic adviser on economics. Moore tried to complain that Reich was being negative, but the former Secretary of Labor quickly deflected that.

“I’m not pointing to anything negative, Steve. I’m simply saying this is a direct continuation we’ve had before. The only thing that happened … on election day and soon after election day, was the stock market took off. Now, we’re talking about jobs today. This is a jobs report. The stock market reflects expectations of investors about future profits.”

And that corporations stand to enrich themselves from future Trump policies certainly does not mean that ordinary workers will do the same.

Robert Reich: Trump Deserves No Credit For This

Reich made an excellent point. The stock market, he explained, has no bearing on the jobs report. The stock market has gone up since Trump took office (much like it skyrocketed under Obama), but that’s not an actual economic indicator for most Americans. Instead, it’s indicative only of continued corporate profits. The markets are rising, Reich explained, because those same corporations now expect a “huge corporate tax cut,” as well as a massive rollback of regulations and protections. Those policies will “improve corporate profits, but it says nothing about jobs.”

In the end, Reich explained, February’s job numbers are simply a continuation of a recovery set into action seven years ago. It is simply too early for Trump to take any credit for those numbers.

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After all, to impact the economy, you actually have to form and pass actual policy – and Donald Trump really hasn’t done any of that yet, has he?

Watch the exchange below.

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