Rubio Shocks, Threatens No Vote on Tax Scam Over Crucial Middle Class Tax Credit

Rubio Shocks, Threatens No Vote on Tax Scam Over Crucial Middle Class Tax Credit

Marco Rubio A ‘No’ On Republican Tax Bill Unless Child Tax Credit Expanded

As Republicans continue to speed forward on their rushed tax cuts for the rich and corporations, some cracks are beginning to show. One of the biggest has now materialized in the form of Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

The Washington Post reports Rubio is now a “no” on the bill unless changes are made to include a larger child tax credit. Rubio and Utah Senator Mike Lee have been pushing for the expanded credit, but were thwarted by Republican leadership on the move. According to WaPo:

Rubio and Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) proposed a change to expand the tax credit as part of the tax bill that passed the Senate, but the plan was opposed by GOP leadership and voted down.

Lee is undecided on whether to support the bill, according to a Lee spokesperson.

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Republicans have nixed this credit while making tax cuts for the top earners even more generous. Details of the compromise bill have leaked and show the highest earners in the country will see a cut from 39.6 to 37 percent.

Lee was confident the expansion would happen and yesterday said the negotiations were ongoing. The two Republican Senators’ concerns are over particular language that would not do enough for lower-income people.

The Senate-passed version of the tax bill would have increased the child tax credit from $1,000 to $2,000, but would have limited the benefit for lower-income people by not similarly increasing the portion that would be refundable. Thus taxpayers would get money back from the government even if they didn’t have income tax liability.

Republicans are in an increased hurry to pass the bill now that they are on the brink of losing another Senate vote in January. The shocking upset of alleged pedophile Roy Moore by Democrat Doug Jones in the Alabama special election means the GOP can only afford one dissenter in the Senate in order to pass the unpopular bill.

It’s clear Republicans realize just how disliked their legislation continues to be and are doing everything they can to ram it through the process. Despite still having majorities next month, they aren’t willing to risk waiting and losing that extra vote.

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One would think that, in a democracy, you would just pass popular legislation when its been thoroughly examined and then have the power of the people behind you. The GOP doesn’t have that. But they don’t care. Their donors need another yacht and just can’t wait for that kind of thing.

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