THE SWAMP: Trump's Cabinet Has More Wealth Than One Third Of All American Families COMBINED

THE SWAMP: Trump’s Cabinet Has More Wealth Than One Third Of All American Families COMBINED

If this is the president-elect’s idea of the ‘draining the swamp‘ then I think it is fair to say that all those who supported him have been well and truly duped. Not only is Trump’s cabinet littered with Wall Street insiders but it has now been revealed that his trusted allies in the Oval Office will have a greater combined wealth than one third of American families combined.

Yes, you read that correctly. The president-elect’s cabinet which consists of a mere seventeen people has a higher combined wealth than over 43 million American families totaled together. The disparity between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ has been an embarrassing feature of American society for decades but never has it been as explicit and patently obvious as this. The wealthiest president-elect in U.S. history has just chosen a cabinet whose total wealth exceeds the combined income of over 43 million American families. I apologize if it appears that I’m repeating myself but the gravity of this statement takes time to process.

The breakdown of his cabinet’s monetary value makes for grim reading when compared with the daily struggles of millions of Americans. Trump’s education pick, Betsy De Vos is worth a 5.1 billion USD, while his choice for the commerce department Wilbur Ross is estimated to be worth almost 2.5 billion USD. To put these figures in some degree of context, Donald Trump is already the wealthiest president-elect in American history and his cabinet is looking to match this accolade. In addition, reports indicate that every one of Trump’s picks for cabinet positions are worth more money than all of President Obama’s equivalent selections.

While it may seem like an unnecessary criticism to highlight the wealth amassed by Trump’s cabinet, the fact of the matter is that it is extremely pertinent. Not only does the selection of a whole tranche of extremely wealthy individuals  place major doubts over the policy priorities that he intends to pursue but it also highlights the complete fallacy of his ‘draining of the swamp’.

We have already seen that Trump will fill his cabinet with Wall Street insiders despite spending the past eighteen months castigating their existence. Now it appears that he intends to help make America great again by choosing a cabinet that is completely out of touch with the needs and wants of the average American family.

Photo Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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