REPORT: Trump's Global Reputation Is Killing The US Tourism Industry—With One Shocking Exception

REPORT: Trump’s Global Reputation Is Killing The US Tourism Industry—With One Shocking Exception

Tourism Takes A Hit Due To ‘Trump Slump’

Donald Trump has not been the best for US tourism, according to travel companies. In fact, he’s had a bigly negative impact on travel and tourism to the United States. Significant drops in flight searches and bookings occurred following Trump’s inauguration and his travel ban.

In fact, the financial loss to the US tourism industry is a staggering $185 million, according to the Global Business Travel Association. The effect that the new administration has on the travel industry has been so dramatic that it’s now referred to as a “Trump slump.”

The travel search engine Kayak released damning data, including a disturbing downward trend in both flight searches to popular US tourist destinations, as well as dwindling hotel prices. For example, there’s a whopping 58 percent decline in searches to Tampa and Orlando from the UK. Furthermore, Las Vegas booking prices decreased by 39 percent, while New York City is down by 32 percent. The Guardian reports that flight prices have remained firm thus far, but notes that flights usually take weeks, rather than mere days, to adjust to consumer trends.

Similar reports have been released earlier, from other sources. In total, it’s reported that flight searches from international origins into the United States has dropped 17 percent, as of the beginning of February. Unsurprisingly, the biggest decrease in interest has been from predominately Muslim countries.

This is yet another example of how the president’s policies and words have impacts that reverberate.

There Is One Notable Exception, However…

However, there is one glaring exception. In a world where travel to the United States is in a sudden downward spiral, interest from Russia has peaked. As the Guardian reports, relying on data from the travel website Hopper:

“Though flight demand to the US dropped in 94 of 122 countries, Hopper found a notable exception in Russia, where flight search demand to the US was up by 88%.”

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As Donald Trump presents his version of America to the world – a version where racism and antisemitism and bigotry and xenophobia are acceptable – the world is less likely to visit America. With, of course, that notable exception of Russia. And if the disturbing decline in travel from other countries can be seen as a “Trump slump,” due to policies and shifting attitude, the sudden enthusiastic increase for US travel from Russia could be attributed to the same.

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