Elizabeth Warren Completely Destroyed Donald Trump On Twitter (TWEETS)

Elizabeth Warren Completely Destroyed Donald Trump On Twitter (TWEETS)

Elizabeth Warren Owns Donald Trump On Twitter

Donald Trump may have found out why it’s not a good idea to get snarky with Elizabeth Warren on Twitter. He tried to do that Friday night and Warren defended herself. And then some when her responses went viral.

It started out with Trump tweeting that he hoped Hillary Clinton would pick Warren as her running mate and calling the iconic senator “goofy” in three separate tweets. It was without a doubt, an attempted smack-down. Then, for his next trick, he called Warren a fraud because she’s claimed Native American ancestry.

You would think Trump might have learned something after his failed attacks on President Obama regarding his place of birth, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. And his gibes against Warren’s ancestry stem from four years ago when she successfully ran against Scott Brown, who tried to say that Warren lied about her heritage. That blew up in his face when several of his staff were captured on video whooping and imitating tomahawk chops in the air.

Warren, however, got the ball rolling on May 3 by tweeting that Trump is a divisive narcissist who “incites supporters to violence” and “puts our service members at risk by cheerleading illegal torture.”

Trump responded with this:

And this:

And lastly, this:

While Trump fired off verbal torpedoes, Warren responded with an atom bomb.

Calling his attacks cowardly, she noted that the presumed Republican nominee waited until Friday night to respond, which is typically a poor publicity time in the media.

Then she fired up her engines, tweeting this:

Responding to Trump’s remarks about her heritage, Warren compared Trump to Scott Brown, whom she defeated decisively in 2012, letting him know that tossing out insults about one’s ancestry is an excellent way to lose an election. And in another tweet, Warren reminded folks that Trump barked himself hoarse in the “birther” movement against Obama, in which scores of ridiculous conspiracy theorists believed Obama wasn’t a natural-born U.S. citizen.

She dug in her heels and smacked Trump down in a way that only Elizabeth Warren  can do:

Warren fired off these final verbal salvos, reminding Trump that she’ll do whatever she can to hold him accountable and keep him out of the White House:

Let’s hope she’s correct.

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

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