Even "fair and balanced" Fox News poll shows Trump is doing a terrible job

Even “fair and balanced” Fox News poll shows Trump is doing a terrible job

Fox News just dealt a sharp blow to Trump

It is no secret at this point that Fox News is a propaganda arm for the Trump Administration. Since its inception in October 1996, it has been made with the goal of showing the “other side” of the news system, that being the conservative side as apparently other big cable news stations like CNN and MSNBC were too liberally-biased.

While a case could be made for them in that regard, the fact of the matter is the opposite of a biased program is not to show another form of bias, but to be unbiased. However, apparently founder Rupert Murdoch and former CEO Roger Ailes were more interested in instigating political dissent than actually informing the public. Comedian Bill Maher has often compared Fox News to the John Birch Society, a far-right organization that conducted grassroots movements in order to advocate conservative talking points.

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Despite this, Fox News does have its moments of sanity. There are a couple of good anchors named Chris Wallace and Shep Smith, for example, that have done a consistently solid job of striving for objectivity in both their interviews and coverage of stories. Fox also had the audacity to fire Bill O’Reilly after the sexual harassment claims went public, even though they ended up bringing him back soon thereafter.

But the biggest point in their favor would have to be the latest poll taken to assess President Trump’s job approval. This is a number that has managed to be consistently low, but knowing Fox News, they would have attempted to bias the results in his favor through a unfair survey, similar to the one O’Reilly attempted regarding legalizing marijuana back in July 2014.

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Yet they were surprisingly “fair & balanced” when it came to the results: an astounding 57 percent disapproved of Trump’s performance in this economic area of the presidency, an increase from September’s 53 percent number:

On the other hand, 38 percent still approve of Trump’s handling of jobs, clearly showcasing that a good portion of the American electorate remains uninformed. That still leaves five percent of people that were either undecided about what the question was asking or Trump’s job creation.

Regardless, this is good news as it showcases that even conservative voters are starting to see through Trump’s bragging and lies regarding the economy. He promised to bring back jobs, and so far that is not happening.

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