Black Trump Spokeswoman Praises Slavery as 'Good' History on Fox

Fireworks Erupt on Fox News as Black Trump Spokeswoman Praises Slavery as ‘Good’ History (VIDEO)

trump’s supporters continue to humiliate themselves

Hypocritical apologetics are the biggest arguments you will find on the right side of the political aisle in this country. Republicans and conservatives alike are superb at forgiving their own side for any misgivings, while at the same time condemning the left for those exact things. In July 2015, for example, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee attacked transgenders for endangering children; the next year, in January 2016, Huckabee was openly defending Josh Duggar, a man who was revealed to have been molesting little girls in his care.

Another example is former President Bill Clinton, who got a lot of heat for his extramarital affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, only for many Republican adulterers, including current President Trump, to get away with the same crime within their party.

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The latest example of apologetics comes from, unsurprisingly, a Tea Party activist and national spokeswoman for Trump. Katrina Pierson has been a contributor to both CNN and Fox News for some time now, and it was with the latter’s “Fox & Friends” that Pierson found herself literally on the wrong side of history. In light of Trump’s recent decision to blame both sides equally for the Unite the Right rally, the team of ideologues at Fox & Friends decided to “debate” whether or not the leaving Confederate statues up was right.

To Fox’s credit, they brought on Professor Wendy Osefo of John Hopkins University to present the anti-monument side of the statues who stated that they represented domination over minorities. Unfortunately, she was pitted against Pierson, who claimed that the statues were a part of America’s good history and should not be removed. When Osefo counter-asked whether or not slavery, the inhumane institution represented by the Confederacy, was a part of America’s good history, Pierson proudly said that yes, it was.

This is not the first time Pierson has found herself at odds with the black community. In February 2016, when President Trump refused to distance himself from David Duke and the KKK, political strategist Tara Setmayer accused Pierson of being one of the subservient blacks that Trump pays “to clean up his mess everyday on television,” a description that fits the derogatory term “Uncle Tom” among African Americans.

Check out the full video below of Pierson and Osefo arguing on the show “Fox & Friends”.

Image a screen capture from the show Fox & Friends

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