Former Nixon Aide Gives Ominous Warning About the Future of GOP

Former Nixon Aide Gives Ominous Warning About the Future of GOP

John Dean Says Nothing More Important Than Ousting GOP In 2018 Midterms

A new election year is upon us and all sides certainly understand the importance of this year’s midterms. For those wanting to put a huge roadblock in front of the agenda of Republican Donald Trump, there’s one particularly critical path to do that this year. And a former White House Counsel to Republican Richard Nixon is trying to help lay the groundwork for that.

John Dean knows plenty about corrupt administrations. He was a part of the Nixon administration and eventually worked with prosecutors against the president during the Watergate scandal. He is credited with being a part of what brought the Republican president down. And he has also been a scathing critic of the “nightmare” Donald Trump administration.

So, with this new year upon us, what is Dean’s plan for bringing down Trump? Spend everyday helping Democrats take Congress.

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Dean tweeted out a message of both strong support for Democrats in the midterms and brutal condemnation of the Trump administration.

The opening for Democrats to win in a wave election looks to be there. In the Real Clear Politics generic 2018 ballot, Democrats hold a sizable double-digit lead over Republicans for now. And considering the results of 2017’s off-year elections and the victory of Democrat Doug Jones last month in deeply red Alabama, enthusiasm appears to be firmly on the side of the current minority party.

Other signs are beginning to emerge pointing to a timid GOP approach to the midterms. The district held since 1989 by outgoing Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is scrambling to find a legitimate GOP challenger for 2018. The area now leans Democrat, but the difficulty in finding a serious candidate for a seat held for decades by a Republican certainly suggests the party is extremely concerned about Election Day.

John Dean is correct that the “end of Trump’s horrific presidency” begins with a changing of the guard in the House. Articles of Impeachment against Donald Trump were overwhelmingly voted down last month after Representative Al Green forced a vote on the issue. Most Democrats knew it was not going to be voted through and a more opportune time is likely to come in the future.

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While getting impeachment through the House will be more reasonable following a potential blue wave election, the Senate will continue to be a near impossibility. But Dean would know as well as anyone that’s not a necessity to end a presidency. Richard Nixon resigned before impeachment proceedings made it out of the House.

It appears the message from John Dean and other players from the Watergate era is clear: we need change in 2018 and that begins now. The battle to take the House doesn’t start in November. It’s already begun and, if you want to send a message to Donald Trump, get ready for the long haul ahead.

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