Some GOP Senators Getting Cold Feet Over Full Obamacare Repeal

Fearing Backlash, Republicans Getting Cold Feet On Obamacare Repeal

The Republicans Wanted Obamacare Dead, But Now Seem To Realize That’s A Bad Idea

The GOP has had it in for the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, from day one, and their dream of killing it off appeared to become closer to reality when Donald Trump won the election.

Now, however, it looks like some Republicans are getting cold feet on the matter, as The Huffington Post reports.

“Anxiety about repealing Obamacare without a replacement got a lot more visible in the US Senate on Monday evening, as a half-dozen Republican senators called publicly for slowing down the process.”

According to MSNBC there are now ten GOP senators who have decided that a full repeal of Obamacare without having a replacement ready would be a bad idea. The Republicans can’t be assured of a victory in their quest for repeal if there are three or more dissenters.

“Last week, Sens. Rand Paul, Susan Collins, John McCain, Tom Cotton, and Bob Corker publicly raised doubts about their party’s strategy. Yesterday, Lamar Alexander – who happens to be the chairman of the Senate committee that oversees health care policy – also said he wants a replacement ready to go before Congress repeals the existing law.

Also yesterday, several GOP senators – including Bill Cassidy, Rob Portman, and Lisa Murkowski – signed onto an amendment to the budget resolution that would delay the process until at least March, and Ron Johnson suggested yesterday he’s not sold on “repeal and delay” either.”

Business Insider quotes dissenting voice Sen. Bob Corker explaining what he feels the Republicans need to do right now.

“By extending the deadline for budget reconciliation instructions until March, Congress and the incoming administration will each have additional time to get the policy right. Repealing President Obama’s healthcare law and replacing it with a responsible alternative is a top priority, and by exercising due diligence we can create a stable transition to an open healthcare marketplace that provides far greater choice and more affordable plans for the American people.”

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Maybe, just maybe, this means that the Republicans are listening to the majority of Americans who don’t want to see Obamacare scrapped, especially if there is no alternative in place.

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“The move would also be politically unpopular. A poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonpartisan healthcare-focused think tank, found that just 20% of Americans wanted Obamacare repealed even if there were no replacement. Another 28% want a repeal if there is a replacement plan ready, while 47% do not want a repeal at all.”

This forces the GOP to admit that Obamacare worked in the sense that it gave millions of Americans access to healthcare, and they realize now that a full repeal would leave them with no coverage.

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