Republicans In Full Panic Mode Over Trump, Fearing GOP Faces 'Extinction Level Event'

Republicans In Full Panic Mode Over Trump, Fearing GOP Faces ‘Extinction Level Event’

GOP Insiders Face A Harsh Reality

The GOP is in the depths of despair. And with tiny-fisted, big-mouthed, orange-hued Donald Trump at the head of their party, who can blame them? The majority of them have accepted the looming reality that they will not take the White House. But now, as they turn their eyes to down-ballot elections, their depressed acceptance is turning to panic.

The GOP stands to lose much more than just the White House. The Senate is certainly in play. And there are rumors that the House may not be as solid as once believed. Hillary Clinton is turning red states purple as she embraces a workable, 50-state strategy. And Republicans know that Trump’s open message of bigotry, misogyny, fear and isolationism may be turning an entire generation of young voters into Democrats.

These are all issues that will have impacts reverberating long after Donald Trump returns to his Tower to shake his tiny fist in futility at the TV while spinning new conspiracy theories in that twisted brain hiding under his strange mop of hair. Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak said that Republicans face an “extinction-level event” this November.

“Trump is threatening the entire GOP and it could take a decade to erase the damage. We are looking at an extinction-level event.”

Extinction. Level. Event.

Those are not light words.

GOP Knows Their Nominee Is The Worst

GOP insiders are now unloading their fear and frustration. Trump, they all seem to agree, is a completely incompetent candidate with no coherent message going against an imminently qualified candidate, whose ground game is strong and whose popularity continues to rise.

One Wisconsin Republican cried to Politico about Trump’s nearly non-existent get-out-the-vote operation in key swing states, compared to Clinton’s strong ground game.  

“Considering the disadvantage a GOP candidate starts with, the work in key targeted states like Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania has to be error-free. There is no evidence that Trump has done that or that he has much of a ground game to begin with.”

Nope. No evidence at all. Trump is collecting money, but he doesn’t seem to be doing much with it at all.

“Roughly half of Republican members of The POLITICO Caucus — activists, strategists and operatives in 11 swing states — believe that Trump’s path to 270 electoral votes is basically shut off after another week in which the GOP nominee appears to have ceded ground in national and most battleground state polls,” the article states.

“Trump Time is running through the bottle of the hour glass. Not quite yet, but getting close. If he doesn’t move in 15 days, it’s effectively over,” stated one Republican from Iowa.

Respondents to the questions gave party affiliation and state, but maintained anonymity for the report.

The Election Is Hillary’s To Take

Another Republican from the same state made his disgust with the GOP nominee quite clear.

“Trump is underperforming so comprehensively. It would take video evidence of a smiling Hillary drowning a litter of puppies while terrorists surrounded her with chants of ‘Death to America.”

(I wonder how long it will take Trump  to tweet that he’s personally seen that video?)

Democrats are a little more cautious. While they agree that Donald Trump is a complete hot mess, they also acknowledge that the 2016 election has been a strange one. And they don’t take anything for granted.

One Nevada Democrat pointed to Trump’s dismal numbers with women and minorities as proof for that cautious optimism.

“You can’t win a presidential election in modern America without women and minorities. Hillary will crush him by historic proportions with those two groups.”

“The long-awaited pivot to the general by Trump will never happen,” an Ohio Democrat added. “All the handlers in the world cannot change his behavior.”

Dems Are Cautiously Optimistic

Yet they admit that the contest is far from over.

“It’s only August. While Trump’s chances are incredibly slim, it’s not over yet,” a Colorado Democrat said.

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But with a candidate who manages to say something completely outrageous almost daily, chances that Democrats will carry the White House are definitely looking good. And the Senate and House may be within reach, too.

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