Haters Are Losing Ground In Congress Over Planned Parenthood

Haters Are Losing Their War In Congress Against Planned Parenthood (TWEETS)

House majority leader Kevin McCarthy announced on Monday that the GOP would not shut down the government over funding for Planned Parenthood. This is a big deal considering that former Speaker of the House John Boehner lost his job for taking that same position.

So, what happened? Domestic terrorism happened.

Haters and their inflammatory rhetoric are causing deaths

Since the shooting at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs last week, the nation seems to have come alive over the issue of inflammatory conservative rhetoric. America’s finger is pointing directly at the Republican Party and the haters that form its base as the motivators of such violence.

By way of justifying his statement, McCarthy said:

“I do not hear people (calling for) shutting the government down over it right now.”

And then he pivoted away from the issue as fast as he could. McCarthy was speaking to reporters at a news conference in his office. His switch in focus went immediately to refugees. No one is accusing him of killing refugees … yet. Since he can’t squelch funding for Planned Parenthood, McCarthy said he wants to use the federal spending bill to clamp down on refugees coming into the country from Syria. Better that than no repressive measure at all, it appears.

In the meantime, Speaker Paul Ryan — who took over for Boehner — made his swift pivot away from the subject of Planned Parenthood. His effort brought a swift backlash from a public that no longer is fooled. Ryan wrote the following tweet about not forgetting “the big picture”:

If he thought that was going to save his ass from engaging in the controversy, he was sadly mistaken. He was hit with replies like “We also have terrorism right here in our house. It’s all because your party has embraced the crazy fringe” and “3 dead because of assholes like you.”



Other anti-choice haters are toning it down, too

But it’s not just Congress that has been set back on its heels. The Florida Family Policy Council scheduled an anti-Planned Parenthood rally for December 7th. The goal was to convince Governor Rick Scott to take funds away from Planned Parenthood centers in Florida. The stated reason, of course, was the discredited videos purporting to show PP as profiting from selling “baby parts.” 

The president of the council, John Stemberger, said the event would be postponed because of the terrorist shooting in Colorado Springs:

“The Taxpayers Rally to Defund Planned Parenthood cannot continue while the families and loved ones of these victims are grieving.”

Of course, ‘postponed’ is not the same as ‘cancelled.’ Nevertheless, the aggressiveness of this movement has been amazingly toned down.  For now. The rally is scheduled for spring instead, and a lot can happen before spring.

The signs are encouraging that the majority of Americans who are more attached to living, breathing people than to fetal tissue have about reached the end of their tolerance for such flagrant abuse of human rights. Now that domestic terrorism is such an obvious movement, we can move into a more animated discussion of gun control.

Feature photo via Planned Parenthood Action on Facebook.


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Deborah Montesano is a writer and political activist, who has just been freed from decades of wandering in the Arizona desert. She is now stunned to find herself actually living in progressive heaven — Portland, Oregon. READ MORE BY DEBORAH.