Hidden Camera Reveals Congressmen Hustling For Cash (VIDEO)

Hidden Camera Reveals Congressmen Hustling For Cash In Call Centers (VIDEO)

Congressmen Spend more Time Raising Money Than Working For Their Constituents.

On the CBS program 60 minutes, correspondent Norah O’Donnell took a hidden camera into a congressional call center in an effort to shed light on how our congressmen raise money.

“I’m a reporter who covered Capitol Hill for many years. I didn’t realize those call centers existed,” O’Donnell told 60 Minutes Overtime. “So I’m sure many people in the American public don’t realize that that’s how many lawmakers are spending a lot of their time. Time that they could be in their offices on Capitol Hill doing the people’s business.”

But any member of Congress will tell you that call centers are just a fact of life for the nation’s legislators. “The number one priority they tell new members of Congress,” said Congressman David Jolly (R-FL), “is raise money, raise money, raise money.”

At one point, Democratic congresspeople were instructed to spend at least four hours raising funds each day.

Watch: 60 Minutes Goes Undercover At Congressional Call Center

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