The Internet Erupts in Fury As Draft Dodger Trump Finally Goes to Vietnam - To Kiss Putin's Butt

The Internet Erupts in Fury As Draft Dodger Trump Finally Goes to Vietnam – To Kiss Putin’s Butt

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Half a century after receiving his fifth deferment from the draft during the Vietnam War for “bone spurs”, Donald Trump has finally made it to the ‘Nam.

Of course, the bone spurs he claimed to have certainly kept him out of the theater of war, but they didn’t keep him out of the tennis court, or out of the swinging scene. During the War Trump competed in tennis tournaments, and slept around. In fact, he even referred to his days as an unrepentant man-slut as other men his age were being killed fighting the war he chickened out on by calling it his “personal Vietnam”, even, disgustingly, referring to all the STD’s he avoided as sexual ‘landmines’.


Then, in 2016 Trump ran for, and “won”, the Presidency of the United States – with the help of America’s greatest adversary (and indeed the same adversary we were really fighting in the proxy war in Vietnam): Russia. And that much is a proven fact at this point. As is whether or not some members of his campaign colluded with Russia, as some of them are not cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, and have admitted as much. The only open question remaining is whether the President himself knew, as a candidate (or since, given his steadfast denials) of any collusion.

And if you’re wondering why I wrote “won” in quotation marks like that, it’s because I don’t really consider it a real victory If you get millions fewer votes than your opponent and are elected on an obsolete relic of a technicality (the electoral college), and only because you had help from our enemies. Trump said we’d be tired of all the “winning” and if that’s “winning”, then he’s right. I’m tired of it.

All of which makes it pretty grotesque that it’s Trump of all people in Vietnam today, issuing a Presidential proclamation commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the 5th year of the Vietnam War, and also of his own 5th dodgy deferment from serving in it, and fawning all over Vladimir Putin, the man who ordered Russia to meddle in our election on his behalf.

The outrage rang out loud and clear on the internet, especially on Trump’s favorite platform Twitter, where the hashtag #BoneSpurs trended:

Images and video of the way Trump and Putin greeted each other like old friends flooded the internet:

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Veterans were quick to express outrage:

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Including this Foreign Policy expert and Veteran:

Disgusted Americans spoke up:

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Speaking of disgust….

Even right wing publications and politicians had strong things to say:

Some very smart observations were made…

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And some suspicious things were noticed:

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