Ivanka's Sweatshops: How the Trumps are Screwing Workers All Over the World - Especially America

Ivanka’s Sweatshops: How the Trumps are Screwing Workers All Over the World – Especially America

Ivanka Puts America Last By Using Exploitative Labor Overseas

Bangladeshi garment exports, according to the CIA World Factbook, are the “backbone” of the industrial sector there. It provided 80% of total national exports and surpassed $25 billion in 2016 in spite of a series of high-profile factory accidents killing more than 1,000 workers during the same period (see here). According to The Post, Bangladesh is also home to one of the world’s lowest minimum-wages. But what about “America First”?

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Now any naked capitalist concerned with the bottom-line would jump at the economic opportunity in the Bangladesh garment industry, and Ivanka is no different.

With an expose printed today by the Washington Post on the matter,  it seems Ms. Trump has no apparent sense of hypocrisy when her father’s promise to put “America first” and her business practices contradict each other. Ms. Trump’s fashion line is produced by workers from everywhere around the world, everywhere but America, that is. Production takes place in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Ethiopia, or China, wherever low-wage labor serves to increase company profits. And when The Post asked Abigail Klem who has been a top executive at Ivanka’s brand since 2013 and president since January, about the possibility of putting Americans to work here in America, she stated,

…to do it at a large scale is currently not possible.


The workers no longer exist here or only in very small, small capacity; the machinery in many instances does not exist here. It is a very complex problem.

You’re right, Ms. Klem, it is a complex problem. Pres. Trump spent a year-and-a-half campaigning throughout the country wearing a cap with the words “Make American Great Again” stitched on it. He near-daily promised rally-goers he’d work hard to bring manufacturing jobs back from overseas, and keep the jobs already here within U.S. borders. But keeping promises to voters and Ivanka’s actions as a mega-millionaire business woman do not conflict in any West-Wing mind, apparently.

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Ms. Klem states further,

The mission of this brand has always been to inspire and empower women to create the lives they want to live and give them tools to do that. We’re looking to ensure that we can sort of live this mission from top to bottom with our licensees, with our supply chain.

Well tell that to Kalpona Akter.

According to The Post, Ms. Trump has not made any noticeable effort to bring garment industry jobs back to America, much less advocate for any better conditions or higher pay rates for the women in foreign nations working for her suppliers. As a self-described “feminist” in such a high seat of power, she should be working day and night upon these issues for her sisters in America and around the world.

Below is a clip from MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi that further illustrates how Ivanka’s products are manufactured all over the world, but not in America.

(Header Image Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

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