McCain Tweet Backfires Disastrously as Public Claps Back over Tax Bill Vote

McCain Tweet Backfires Disastrously as Public Claps Back over Tax Bill Vote

John McCain Asks For More Twitter Followers, People Dump Him By The Thousands Over Tax Bill

Republican Senator John McCain was applauded by many for his theatrical thumbs down on the massively unpopular GOP health care bill a few months ago. But times have changed. And now McCain is taking tons of heat from the same people over his support of the massively unpopular Republican tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations.

McCain has been slammed for his apparent hypocrisy on calling for “regular order” on the health care bill while abandoning it for the tax cuts. The Republican stated the bill had gone through the “normal legislative process” and that’s why he could support it, despite many making a mockery of its ridiculously rushed handwritten additions.

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This all set up an eye-popping incident for McCain. His Twitter account recently posted a seemingly harmless tweet asking for a few more followers to hit 3 million.

The results turned into a complete disaster.

As of this writing, McCain’s account has lost nearly 20,000 followers as many were clearly enraged by his tax bill vote. And people were not the least bit shy about letting him know that.

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There’s no getting around the reality the Republican tax bill is a massive giveaway to the wealthy and corporations. And John McCain can claim the rushed process was normal all he wants.

But the public is not falling for it. And the more the Maverick tries to deny that, the longer he’ll be waiting to hit that 3 million follower milestone.

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