John Oliver Warns Trump: Stop Telling Dangerous Lies to Coal Miners

John Oliver Warns Trump: Stop Telling Dangerous Lies to Coal Miners (VIDEO)

During the general election, Trump pushed forward this narrative that he was going to do two things for blue collar workers: one, prevent their jobs from getting outsourced to third-world countries, and two, restore the coal mining community to its industrial glory.

Regarding the former, Trump did admittedly have one favorable thing over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and that was his adamant opposition to the Transpacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), a free trade deal that would have hurt the economic growth of the United States amongst a plethora of other problems. While Clinton was technically against it during the Democratic Primary, her previous comments praising it as the “gold standard” hurt her tremendously in the election.

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However, looking at the latter, a quick analysis of the Trump Administration’s actions these past few months shows that he has been lying to coal miners. During an interview with “Meet the Press,” EPA Director Scott Pruitt made the mostly false claim that the had added 50,000 jobs to this dying sector of the American economy. That is not hyperbole as, the centre-right financial magazine Forbes has asserted that the naturally-changing business landscape, particularly from natural gas, has ensured that coal will die.

Nonetheless, there are many people that serve in this industry who were unfortunately conned by Trump’s ruse of protecting their jobs, and there is no one better to tell them the truth about their situation than comedian John Oliver. During a powerful segment of his show “Last Week Tonight,” Oliver went into the facts and figures about coal mining, revealing that Trump and his cronies had been lying to them the entire time, all with a tinge of his trademark humor:

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the actual number of coal jobs created since last year has been just 1,300. So that 50,000 new jobs claim was off by 48,700. Which for this administration is actually uncharacteristically accurate. I just assumed the figure would be more like 12 mining jobs and they’re not actually jobs, they’re lobsters. And Trump didn’t create them, he just remembered 12 times in his life he saw a lobster.”

It is clear that Oliver has maintained his level of comedic prowess from his days from working on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. And the best part is he has a point. People working in the coal sector need to be transitioned into a better working environment that not only provides them with a good wages, but also with a healthier livelihood.

Like how Pittsburgh managed to change, we hope the rest of the country can too.

Image a screen capture from “Last Week Tonight”

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