Just Days After Terror Attack On LGBT Community, Trump Proudly Palling With This A**hole

Just Days After Terror Attack On LGBT Community, Trump Proudly Palling With This A**hole

Donald Trump Rubs Elbows With Anti-LGBT Pastor Robert Jeffress

The fact that Donald Trump and his campaign pal around with some less than savory characters and are willing to accept them is now the worst kept secret in the 2016 campaign. This week, Trump decided it was a good time to embrace and hang out with another one of those characters. As heinous as it is that Trump has happily accepted the endorsement and worked with fervent anti-LGBT Pastor Robert Jeffress, it’s particularly awful after the massacre that took place at Pulse, an LGBT bar in Orlando.

Earlier in the week, Donald Trump thanked the LGBT community. What exactly he thanked them for in his Tweet is a complete mystery. It certainly isn’t because of any kind of overwhelming support or his history of bashing the community.

But then later in the week, Trump RT this:

On the left is Pastor Robert Jeffress. Jeffress is not exactly the rational thinking type. In the past, he has blamed the 9/11 attacks on legal abortion and claimed the Catholic Church is “the genius of Satan”.

But he has long been a crusader against the LGBT community and has continually attacked the group every chance he gets. Right Wing Watch has a rather long file on Jeffress and it’s pretty appalling. One paragraph says a lot, but still doesn’t cover everything:

He has described gays and lesbians as “perverse,” “miserable” and “abnormal” people who engage in an “unnatural” and “filthy practice” that will lead to the “implosion of our country.” Jeffress argues that the gay community employs Chinese “brainwashing techniques” in order to have homosexuality “crammed down our throats.”

Jeffress has also stated the gay rights movement is paving the way for the Antichrist and lighting the White House in rainbow colors after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage was a sign of the end of times. On top of that, there are these Tweets from just last month:

Which was a RT of this:

In other words, the people that were maliciously gunned-down in Orlando were a bigger danger than the group that partially inspired the attack, according to the guy standing next to a smiling Trump in the Tweet above.

So, as Donald Trump watched the horror of what was more hate crime than terrorism play out in Orlando, he decided to align himself with someone fueling that hate. Trump’s embrace of Pastor Robert Jeffress is disgraceful at any time, and it’s a particular slap in the face to the LGBT community after such a horrifying tragedy. There’s simply no excuse for this. It’s just plain disgusting.

Featured image by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images.

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